Survive mine circle: wirewalking between currency price and stress

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 Survive mine circle: wirewalking between currency price and stress

If not the recent bitcoin crash, online crazy pass mill on the pounds sold news hot search, there might be a concern — mine circle group in the field of chain block.

Don’t walk in the cool of the break between technology and finance in chain ring, coin ring, ring mine is low-key and mysterious, they connect the chain ring and ring BCH hard currency, bifurcation needs them to provide computing power, they are the last support BTC crash, make contribution, they assume responsibility for block chain industry. Little voice.

Mine circle really is a kind of group? How is their state of existence? Bitcoin crash how much impact on them? With these questions, the ostrich blockchain “encryption information bureau” fourth invited to the sea mine the founder of Yu Yang, Harlow capital strategic partner Wu Yanjun, as we talked about survival about mine circle.

A small pilot managed price of more than 0.4, already could not carry out

Wu Yanjun said that the mentioned mine circle, the entire POW industry, including mine, mine, mine pool 3 main industry. The cost structure of the industry, including its cost, electricity cost, cost and cost of hosting the commission.

Some time ago (bitcoin) below 5000 times, due to the dry season, some customers take the cost is relatively high, resulting in a large number of machine frame.

But Yu Yang learned of the situation is similar, there are many small mines managed price of more than 0.4, already could not carry out. Here in Chengdu now managed in 0.37 to 0.38 average price.

Field distribution, Yunnan and Chengdu more hydropower. Thermal power concentrated in Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Ningxia, Qinghai and other places. In the network, the highest cost.

The field conditions of the north is relatively good, complete facilities. But in the southwest side of the conditions is relatively difficult, SenShan forest.

Second, the layout of mining listed companies, make up insufficient cash flow

Now the mine circle, it is difficult to machine small investment, do not worry about the big ticket. Yu Yang believes that this trend is likely to continue, and another half a month, the miners may even dig out enough money to pay the electricity bills, turn off the field with 50%.

The power is not aware of mine pressure, with electricity costs also increased. In this case, many large institutions in the entrance layout, foundation, traditional capital, listed companies, including overseas companies.

A lot of big money, money began to cognition to the cognitive transformation stress. A lot of people for the cognitive ore is simple, or no perception, all the cognition is how much of your money. But in mine circle, everyone’s perception is that you how much force.

For a lot of good cash flow of the enterprise, such as the long chain of enterprises, in fact, is a mining can provide a stable cash flow one way, pool every day to give you a settlement, every day income. The layout of mining business of listed companies is to make up for the cash flow business.

The layout of mining listed companies more, may be aware that the calculation is the basis of all the blockchain.

Third, currency price, is both variables influence dynamic income

The traditional financial circle for mine operation cognition can not understand, so they are very difficult to recognize the corresponding business models, including many traditional investors, they look at mining things or starting from the angle of pure speculation.

From the angle of view, Yu Yang believes that mining does represent a new direction. There are a lot of companies listed on the financing difficult, early profitability difficult, this company can rely on this way to profit.

While big data back to the data, the higher the value, the more he can earn more money, but he early will be more difficult, so early this difficult period, can use the mining way to spend.

But now the digital assets are included in the table. For traditional investors, they see earnings will see fewer assets. There should be a way for both sides, and the legal tender standard currency standard acceptable. Yu Yang is also in the sea mine thinking and research.

Next month by the sea mine will host the conference, will be released in one direction they explore.

On the legal tender currency standard and standard, two cognitive logic will be different, Yu Yang said, for the miners, you dig, you are the standard currency. As for the traditional investors, he wants to see is I voted for the one million, how is my return, I could become much. I have not to understand how much money, this is now the two cognitive conflict.

The sea mine will study in a way to make these traditional investors accept legal tender standard, also can understand the logic of mine. If I was to throw mine, I return in the end should be how much. The traditional investment is a kind of cognition, is the first currency price to decide how much is my income, there is a difficulty affects my currency price, both variables affect the dynamic benefits of my.

18 years began to have some of the miners by means of hedging risk, to offset the price of the currency fell. But the risks and difficulties of ups and downs, at present there is no other way to avoid. So, in fact the mine mining investment return is a dynamic gain.

The sea will be in the mine December meeting, announced a financial tool, they combined the information management company, including several large employers, to work out a way to make both sides can accept.

The definition of digital assets of the traditional capital market and accounting standards, at present still need time, not estimated in the short term.

From the purely technical investment, Wu Yanjun believes that the investment field is meaningful. Because of the money, can create the better technology, so that power output less is more.

Yu Yang said that the sea mine will have some miners to buy their own chips, build your own machine, dig their own, do not sell. With its own manufacturing, he felt that will become the future trend.

Four, the future development of space industry, the short-term change does not have systemic risk

Yu Yang and Wu Yanjun believe that the whole industry will continue to develop, not because of short-term risk bitcoin changes of system.

This industry is too early, and there is much room for development, Yu Yang this view firmly.

When asked where space for development, Yu Yang said, it is invalid to let BTC have stored value calculation.

Because of competition, let BTC network to keep a healthy state. Your machine will be eliminated. So to ensure the stability and reliability of BTC network, but also lay the foundation of trust. The value of gold is because the acquisition should consume cost to. If gold is very easy, the value is not big.

So when the cognition of most people, the market began to mature. Yu Yang think, at that time, the return on investment will also be reduced to 10% a year.

Five dollars, high price and low for currency loan pledge

The first half of this year, many miners have money, and now in a bear market, many miners began to OTC.

In this regard, Yu Yang said that the high time, the miners will not cash. Recently, prices fell, some miners panic, but also do more currency loan. But remember the information rate is too high, ranging from 18 to 30%, mortgage in 25% off. Mortgage early May, in this wave of decline in the market has a warehouse explosion. Of course, even below cost, the big miners will still continue to dig, because the cost is a dynamic.

Yu Yang said the currency loan for low prices go up pledge, because behind the currency risk, No. The general currency loan company funds are not their own. So they need to quickly open to repay capital. Quickly put the coins sold to repay capital.

Wu Yanjun believes that this is the case, does have a lot of work force decreased significantly. But he is in fact a self regulating such a mechanism, that is a lot of miners if his machine is removed and the force to reduce the difficulty will be decreased.

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