Suspension of trading business three times a month: SEC suspended OTC overrun

nnnThe US Securities and Futures Commission has suspended the trading business of the listed companies, including First Bitcoin Capital, which seems to have resumed trading, and will say that it will try to lift the ban, and recently because of the establishment of an encrypted currency Trading market and other information caused by the SFC vigilance, decided to suspend its business American Security Resources Corp. (ARSC).n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nThe Securities, Securities and Exchange Commission ordered a moratorium on the deal.n
nOn 24 August, securities market regulators announced the suspension of the American Security Resources Corp. (ARSC) deal, which took effect at 11:59 pm EDT on September 8, 2017.n
nThe SEC file shows that the company has changed hands and claims that it will launch an encrypted currency exchange earlier this month and renamed Bitcoin Crypto Currency Exchange Corporation.n
nThe August 24 order shows that it was these statements and other issues raised during the same period caused the SEC to worry.n
nn”SFC temporarily suspends ARSC securities trading because of August 1 and August 8, the company’s public information on concerns, such as the company’s business transition to the encrypted money market, the use of block chain technology news.”n
nnCoinDesk has previously reported that the SEC has suspended the business of at least two OTC listed companies.n
nBloomberg News shows that one of the companies CIAO Group seems to have re-started the company stock trading. Another company that was suspended, First Bitcoin Capital, said in a statement to the shareholders that the opposition has been suspended against the SEC and that it is trying to cancel the order.n

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