SVPool mineral pool encountered mirror website fraud, Bitcoin SV miner reputation or affected

 SVPool mine pool mirror site encounter fraud, Bitcoin SV miners reputation or affected

One of the most “old” strategy of network fraud, is a registered and the official website of the spelling is very similar to the domain name, see the official website to make it look exactly the same, and in order to deceive users who try to visit the official website. This means It is often seen. in crypto currencies in the industry, why is like currency currency exchange such an encryption will remind on their landing page users always check the URL in the browser address bar “, because once investors cheated, it may cause irreversible damage.

Now, bitcoin cash currency Bitcoin SV pool bifurcation encountered this problem. It is reported that has been to the platform of all registered users sent an email notification, they may be subject to fraud. According to the information disclosed in the mail, fraudsters are using a “” web site address and website address is one letter away — “com” in “m”, after the user completes the registration, payment will be lured to buy so-called Bitcoin encryption currency is SV. This is obviously a scam out and out, also affected the reputation of the real Bitcoin SV miners, because the victim can easily think that this false website is operated by Bitcoin SV miners.

This is the official website of

 SVPool mine pool mirror site encounter fraud, Bitcoin SV miners reputation or affected

Below is the fraud website screenshot:

 SVPool mine pool mirror site encounter fraud, Bitcoin SV miners reputation or affected released its official said in an email:

“When the user clicks on a fraudulent website, many web pages will display 404 errors, and in some cases, even takes the user to the registration error page. However, due to fraudulent websites can be connected to the SVPool social media accounts, it looks very similar. However, if you complete the registration, enter the client area, you require the use of bitcoin exchange Bitcoin SV hashrate fraud site. Blockchair wallet manager data show that so far there is no deal with the fraudulent website, but still want the user to pay attention to, don’t be fooled by the “CO” suffix fraud site.”

Let the bear market fraud means of encryption currency become more diverse

Whenever the crypto currency industry has undergone significant changes, fraudsters will always come up with a lot of new things, and now the bear market environment, also let many have never seen the fraud — for example, appeared in the arena, some claim can help you protect the bifurcation currency free, and then access the private key leakage information; others create false wallet and hosting services directly, stealing money, etc..

In fact, the industry fraud since the crypto currency bitcoin birth has emerged, which is why now there are still a lot of people will still be deceived., as the domain name registration mechanism is limited, they seem to have no ability to enforce fraud website “” closed, the only way is possible to inform the user’s cautious.

In the bear market, if you have any other encryption currency fraud, and may be the daily planet (WeChat o-daily), at least you can make people pay more attention to the community or other.

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