Swedish police seek EU funding for digital currency research

nnnStorm when comment: digital currency, although now get more recognition, but there are still the risk of being used by criminals. In order to better investigate the related violations, Sweden, Austria and Germany, the police have to fight against cybercrime in the EU project funding assistance, hoping to digital money and dark network for more in-depth investigation and study.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nPolice agencies in several European countries are seeking financial support to study how to deal with cybercrime involving digital money.n
nAccording to the assessment report released in late last month, the Swedish police and the Austrian and German police authorities are preparing to obtain financial support through an EU research project called “Horizon 2020”.n
n”Horizon 2020″ is a project focused on combating cybercrime. Specifically, these funds will be allocated by the division’s Secure Societies. “Horizon 2020” was introduced in 2014, the EU in the project invested 80 billion euros (94.6 billion US dollars) for a wide range of research.n
nThe report describes the plans of these law enforcement agencies and writes:n
nn”At present, the Swedish police are working with the Austrian Federal Police and Germany to form a coalition, ready to obtain funds through the Secure Society to investigate the digital currency and dark net.n
nnAlthough the report did not disclose the amount required by the three police agencies, it highlighted the role of the Internal Security Fund (ISF), which is the European Commission’s pool of funds, with a total of € 3.8 billion in funding until 2020 Yearly assigned to the member states of the police.n
nAccording to ISF, the current level of basic funding for Sweden is 21 million euros.n

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