Swiss private logistics bank will sell to consumers Taiyuan and Bitcoin

nnnIn the wake of the riot: Swiss Anqing Private Bank is further expanding its digital money service, will allow customers to directly use the bank account to buy a variety of digital currencies, such as Taitong, Leite and Bitcoin. Anqing is the first to provide customers with encrypted assets of traditional banks, the development of the banking industry has played a significant role in its future related actions will also cause great concern in the industry.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nA Swiss private bank is expanding its digital asset management service this summer to include more digital money.n
nCoinDesk has previously reported that Falcon Private Bank (Falcon Private Bank) revealed that it will work with intermediary service provider Bitcoin Suisse, so that customers can buy and hold in their accounts Bitcoin. It is reported that the initiative was in consultation with the Swiss Regulatory Authority, including the Swiss Financial Markets Authority (FINMA).n
nNow, the product line is being expanded to include cash, cash and cashier cash. The bank issued a notice on Aug. 16 saying its customers will be able to buy and hold these digital currencies starting August 22.n
nIn view of its initial service more than a month ago just on the line, this is a significant development, marking the traditional bank for the first time to provide digital money services to customers. As of last year, Anqing private banks in charge of the value of assets has more than 14 billion US dollars.n
nBitcoin Suisse CEO Niklas Nikolajsen said in a statement: “Anqing private bank is the first bank to provide direct currency to customers, creating history, they add the currency and other encrypted assets into the service Decided to make it a reliable private bank in the minds of encrypted asset holders and investors. “n
nIn the introduction of Bitcoin service, Avalue also installed a Bitcoin ATM at its Zurich headquarters.n

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