Swiss telecom giant set up chain chain company

nnIn Switzerland: Swisscom, Switzerland’s state-owned telecom giant, has set up a new company focused on block-chain services, showing its latest developments in the block chain. Swisscom is also a super-book and a member of the Swiss chain of local chains, you can see its full support for the block chain, which is also consistent with the overall chain of development in the chain chain in Switzerland.n
nTranslated by: Inan
Switzerland’s large state-owned telecommunications supplier, Swisscom, has set up a new company with a chain-based chain.n
According to the latest report, Swisscom has set up “Swisscom Blockchain AG”, the company focused on the chain chain technology to carry out a series of services. These services include enterprise-oriented solutions and support companies that wish to conduct ICO.n
A few months ago, Swisscom had just joined the Superbook Block Chain project. It is also a member of the Swiss chain of chains, including the exchange operator SIX and the nation’s fourth largest bank, Zürcher Kantonalbank. In January, the organization announced an ether-based trading tool for OTC transactions.n
From the formal entry of super books to the establishment of such a company, Swisscom’s progress in the field is noteworthy, but also for the block chain technology to add an optimistic atmosphere.n
Swisscom’s Johannes Hohener said in December, “We hope to provide support through our own expertise, experience and implementation skills as a catalyst.”n
The company was led by Daniel Haudenschild, who, from his information on LinkedIn, was a former partner at the Swiss branch of Ernst u0026 Young. According to local media Inside Channels, some other employees of Ernst u0026 Young also joined the company, while Swisscom Blockchain’s team will grow around 20 by the end of 2017.n

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