Switzerland Zurich to accept bitcoin, bitcoin cash, coins, such as Ethernet Gerbaud donation

Switzerland Zurich to accept bitcoin, bitcoin cash, coins, such as Ethernet Gerbaud donation

Although some mainstream media make you believe that bitcoin is just for the purchase of drugs, money laundering and hired killers, the fact is that its use is far more than the same as legal tender. The recent emergence of a new case, a religious group allows people to use encrypted monetary donations.

Switzerland bitcoin Church

Switzerland’s largest city a gospel church ICFZurich has begun to accept people with crypto currency voluntary contributions. The church website, directly accept bitcoin, bitcoin cash, coins, coins and stars Ethernet Gerbaud lumens coin.

Local news reports, the church spokesman NicolasLegler said:

“In the next few years, digital currency and block chain technology will be more and more changes in people’s daily life. Encryption currency will be implemented, whether bitcoin or state control in other currencies. We believe this technology will soon enter the daily life. Twenty years ago, no one believes that the Internet may be such profound decision of our lives”.


The gospel to the spread of youth

A European evangelical portal that the church service is known to use the new technology, but there are a lot of young people, some people more and more by the way of transfer”. As the church began to accept the encryption currency, because the invention has been deeply affected by the Swiss early adopters, because it can help the church more innovative, more close to them.

We should note that this is a case of young people to change the way of donation. Other famous examples include PineappleFund bitcoin donations of $86 million for charity, MDMA (MDMA) on stress disorder in the treatment of trauma, Nepal health promotion, to combat poaching of elephants, African national test basic income, there are a lot of Paxful; #BuiltWithBitcoin project funded 100 schools in developing countries.

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