“Symbolic Investment Fund” block chain platform to show the future of investment

nnnWalking Comments: Block chain technology in many of the world’s industry has brought a revolutionary change, it is not what unexpected things. Many countries have also begun to use the block chain platform and encrypted currency, but this is only a start, through the block chain to achieve “decentralized economy” is entirely possible. Blackmoon Financial Group, a financial technology firm, has launched Blackmoon Crypto, a platform for the transformation of the investment management business, to make the process more auditable, transparent and safer.n
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nBlock chain technology has begun in the global scope of the revolution in many industries, this is not what unexpected things. The block chain has eliminated many financial intermediaries and is able to ensure safety and full transparency, so the technology is of great value.n
nAs a result, block-based platforms and encrypted currencies (such as Bitcoin and Ethernet) have been adopted by many countries. For example, Japan has just recently recognized Bitcoin as a legal way of payment. Swiss tax authorities have also confirmed that Bitcoin is exempt from VAT in Switzerland. The Ukrainian government also plans to adopt legislation in 2018 to allow foreign investors to buy land through a chain-chain platform. In addition, 80% of banks in the world today are developing their own block-chain technology.n
nAnd that’s just the beginning. Completely building the “decentralized economy” above the block chain is entirely possible in the practical sense, and this concept now raises the concerns of many investors and investment management companies.n
nBlock chain: the future of investmentn
nBlock-chain technology has the potential to change and transform the investment management business value chain, making the process more auditable, more transparent and more secure.n
nGenerally speaking, investment funds are private, and difficult to enter. Investors need to have some money to enter these funds, and usually there is no liquidity. In addition, due to legal issues, compliance, cooperation, fundraising and other issues, even experienced consultants is difficult to set up a fund.n
nAnd financial technology company Blackmoon Financial Group wants to simplify the process. The company has just announced a platform-based platform to support what they call a “cointed investment fund.” Blackmoon Crypto is a one-stop solution for asset managers to create and legally manage compliance denomination funds.n
nIn order to make this process easy to manage, the company covers everything from technology and infrastructure to legitimate compliance and enterprise architecture. Any experienced and approved investment manager can create funds on Blackmoon Crypto paper and get immediate liquidity while getting support from the platform’s legal and IT infrastructure.n
nInvestment tokensn
nTo better understand how tokens invests, Blackmoon Crypto and others will issue encrypted tokens through their first digital tokens (ICO) to raise funds for their own development. The tokens are built on the chain-chain platform, which is the same technology that supports Bitcoin, the Ethernet Square, and other encrypted currencies. These assets can then be considered by the holders of the appropriate price profit or loss transactions.n
nBlackmoon Crypto’s token is called the BMC and will be distributed during the start of September 12, 2017. By then, all of the Blackmoon Financial Group holding companies will issue BMC to the buyer. All funds will run on the Blackmoon Crypto platform and will generate a fee for the platform, which will be distributed among Blackmoon Crypto tokens held as a continuing contributor. Investors need to choose one of a range of possible roles and perform specific actions to help us develop the platform.n
nIn other words, the ICO market can be seen as an unregulated “block chain stock market”. Although this is a new concept, but this year there are 92 companies through the first digital tokens issued to raise more than 1.2 billion US dollars of funds.n
nJoint Money and Encrypted Currencyn
nObviously, when it comes to investing in digital tokens, this has great potential for investors. However, when investors can use both French and encrypted currencies, this leads to greater opportunities to raise money and make a profit.n
nBlackmoon Crypto is unique in that the company aims to narrow the distance between the French and the encrypted currency. At present, most of the meta-investment instruments are either fully encrypted in terms of encrypted currency, or are associated with tradable assets (such as dollars or gold).n
nInvestments in access to French are diversified in terms of revenue sources while retaining all the advantages of encryption, including decentralization, transparency and tradable. According to Blackmoon, traditional investors have received a higher net return due to the highly cost-effective structure of the tokens.n
n”We believe that by giving investors a wider range of different investment options, we will be able to link the encrypted society to the interests of the traditional investment market,” said Oleg Seydak, chief executive officer of Blackmoon Crypto. “These options are supported by experienced fund managers around the world Managed through a new block chain tool. “n
nThe future of investment seems a bit mysteriousn
nInvestors and investment management companies are still struggling to fully understand the concept behind the zoning of the investment chain chain. However, early adopters can get a lot of money. Nowadays, more and more companies are raising funds through the issuance of digital money, and there are many start-ups to provide a chain-chain platform.n
n”The block chain enables us to create a unified tool for many value items, which allows us to solve global liquidity and customer problems without the need for local customization, which creates a global government that can be achieved,” said Oleg Seydak. Of the investment product (if it exists).n

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