Taipei City in the Identity Test IOTA technology

nRunaway Comment: Taipei City officials recently confirmed that their bureau is working with IOTA and local startup BiiLabs to use IOTA technology in citizenship projects to better protect residents. According to him, Taipei City is seeking to build a “smart city” with the goal of using a variety of new technologies to carry out related projects. Therefore, it is quite possible to work with more start-up companies in the future to further understand and apply new technologies.n
nTranslation: Inan
Taipei is working with the IOTA Foundation to apply IOTA’s Tangle technology to its citizenship program.n
Taipei City Government Information Bureau Director Li Weibin confirmed that Taipei will work with IOTA and its local startup BiiLabs to launch the “Digital Citizen Card” project and told CoinDesk that this is one of many proof-of-concept programs in Taipei.n
He said Taipei will use IOTA’s Tangle authentication service specifically for a number of projects, but he does not elaborate on projects outside Digital Citizenship.n
It has been reported that digital citizenship cards will function as a tamper-proof authentication system that will allow users to avoid identity theft.n
In his e-mail to CoinDesk, Director Li pointed out in detail:n
n”Our work will begin with the application for a digital citizenship card that can be used as a platform and we will also try to strengthen the certification and authenticity checks on the exchange of data (such as medical records) between municipalities and agencies. “n
nThe official also said Taipei also welcomes other plans that will help the city meet its “smart city” goals. Therefore, Taipei will use any available technology.n
He pointed out that while Taipei is testing IOTA technology, it has not started using any type of cryptocurrency.n
Although he did not discuss the details of other new projects, according to him, IOTA has been invited to set up an office in Taipei to promote the development of future projects.n
At present, Taipei Municipal Government Information Office, BiiLabs and IOTA will continue to discuss some project proposals to create proof of concept. They have joined forces to form a working group to conduct a specific study of these projects.n
Li Weibin concluded:n
n”After proof of concept, we will evaluate the results and look at how we can move forward.”n

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