Take the heat to send the bitcoin? Net red “mine electric heating” real machine evaluation!

Editor’s note: This article from the block BlockBeats (ID:BlockBeats), rhythm rhythm block BlockBeats Author: 0x7, authorized to release the daily planet.

At the time of this writing, block BlockBeats rhythm deliberately checked the weather data, the 2018 is not only ten years coins circle the most cold year, or one year in Beijing nearly ten years after the winter cold cooling fast, on this day of writing, the minimum temperature has dropped to 10 degrees below zero.

As stated in the sentence, “the bull bear their money,” the official website – heating block BlockBeats rhythm line shortly before the polymerization (TheBlockBeats.com) block chain industry products at home and abroad, is the hope and everyone to spend the winter.

The official website launched on the eve of the block movement BlockBeats received a special product — “A851H mining” Avalon heater.

This looks much like the household electric heating heater mining production by Chia Nan Yun Zhi, in the early March this year, there is a French technology company released a concept map mining electric heater, which makes mining electric heater has become a network phenomenon of red level products, and we are this is full of interest in the 8 months of this year, Jia Nan Yun Chi 7Nm chip conference, Jia Nan Yun Chi accidentally released their own research and development of mining electric heater, we finally got the production shortly before the real machine, today we use real practical experience to evaluate for everybody at the red net.

The mining integrated within the 104 heating to 16 nanometer Avalon A3210M chip, is rated up to 14.5Thash/s, the power consumption of 1450w/h (-5% to +20%). It is called “mining” is because the heater, Chia Nan Yun Chi built a water circulation system in this machine, can produce the heat conduction hashed chip to the interior, so as to achieve the effect of heating room. In this cold winter, can finally be a heat dissipation problem of mill has been criticized by people into the house warming artifact.

According to Jia Nan Yun Chi said, the machine configuration is completed about 5 minutes of hot air blowing. The actual experience in block BlockBeats in the rhythm, the configuration process for general users is slightly complicated, there are many details still need to improve, but in the customer’s help, we finally managed to make it to work, let’s talk about the configuration process and feel.

The first step: to find your home air conditioning outlet

As a large power consuming equipment, “the power of mining electric heater” for 1450w/h, the conversion over the equivalent of a couple of indoor air conditioning, so you must use special socket for air conditioner.

And a lot of office space or residential and commercial real estate, in the decoration of the air conditioning outlet is arranged in a relatively high position, which requires an additional purchase of several meters long high power socket to power, which considering the safety of large power consumption of the circuit problem.

In addition, mining electric heater configuration for the first time only through the wired way, ready enough cable is also necessary.

Considering the mining heater usage scenarios are household or commercial office, so you need to calculate the family with the highest power electric power consumption appliances will exceed the meter, such as TV, air conditioning, heaters, computer equipment such as power consumption, if more than the maximum electricity power, may cause electricity safety and tripping problem.

Block BlockBeats rhythm in use when confronted with too many air conditioning units operating at the same time, the problem of super tripping load power, please try the students must first determine the home environment to load this electrical power, so for his neighbor and cause unnecessary trouble.

The second step: fix your router

And “heater” collocation use also includes a AUC and a raspberry pie, they were all through a line with USB and its connected, you just need to follow the instructions to operate to complete the assembly.

The next step is prepared for the cable raspberry pie and routers, followed by the classic router management page link.

Jia Nan Yun Chi will be the raspberry pie default subnet address is set as a, so we must operate is the subnet address pool router to send configuration page for 192.168.0.xxx to enter the raspberry.

When the route changes (need to wait a few minutes), the browser will be able to see the “Avalon” machine configuration page. (you can find more detailed configuration tutorial on the Internet, we do not repeat them here)

The third step: the registration and configuration of mine pool account

Raspberry pie factory default configuration to fill in your own mind Yun Nan Jia pool, of course you can change your own love mine pool!

Want to get your own income, need to fill in your address information pool. Here in the pond (F2Pool) as an example, after the registration account can add BTC/ETH/LTC three digital currency wallet. Then your user name and address are in the fishpond mining electric heater of Worker and Pool in URL, the default password or can be left blank.

(love people, you can put your name into the worker machine above?)

In the process of its configuration, random raspberry pie had some trouble, we made contact with the official customer service after the Avalon, brush, brush tool and document brush tutorial. Unexpectedly, Sunday afternoon, have online customer service.

After reconfiguring the device meet machine outage problems encountered such problems, this customer can restart machine, after the problem has been resolved, but the configuration and experience for ordinary home users or too complicated.

The fourth step: water, then feel the “temperature”.

Mining electric heater built-in water circulation system, if long time operation, need to remember to add water to avoid dry burning.

Machine set injection nozzle special right, need to pay attention to is not too fast when the water spilled, waterproof raspberry pie or penetrate into the heater machine on the The loss outweighs the gain.

After the start of mining, mill outlet wind is undoubtedly cool. Wait for about 7-8 minutes, you can feel some warm. Of course, if compared to the same power and a vertical air conditioner, the warm air is inferior by comparison, but for the sake of my bitcoin, or acceptable. At this time, its stress 14.8~15T, relatively stable. The overall noise is better, and no impression mill roar, anti noise processing to do good.

In the rhythm of block BlockBeats office, we will dig electric heater placed in a separate room about 16 square meters, shut the door, 1.5 hours after the room temperature began to rise. Another thing we are connected with the office of the room for comparison, the office is placed in a vertical air conditioner, two room temperature somatosensory in at least 5 DEG C.

How much money, cost-effective?

In the pages of statistics on the Avalon mill machine, the electric heaters is stable in 14.9~15.0T, the operation process is relatively stable, showing a pond days after the return of 0.00065BTC, calculated in accordance with the current price, the mining heater can get 15.4 yuan a day income.

Block rhythm BlockBeats office belongs to the civil price ladder, the price ladder has entered third normal use, 0.788 yuan per kilowatt. According to the calculation of mine 1500W power, 24 hours power consumption of 36 degrees, need to pay 28.4 yuan for electricity.

One day down, the house not cold, also need to pay 13 dollars of electricity. The open vehicle heater have to burn is the main reason which bitcoin prices are low, if the currency price return to the level of 6K, basically can achieve a balanced budget. If more high, pay electricity, can earn a little money. Of course, because the rhythm of block BlockBeats in Beijing, and the office is located in the area and there is no winter heating subsidies, so the higher the cost.

According to the back prediction, taking into account the Taiwan built-in machine itself in the market price has been as low as 1300 yuan, A851 to the 87 days of avalon. Jia Nan Yun Chi of the mining electric heater when the October listing price of 4000 yuan, from the channel to take the goods can be reduced to 3600, but now only less than 3000 can buy. Because the mining cost has been warmer itself is 1 times more than mine, so the cycle also need the proportion doubled.

3 months later, the winter will be over. In such a short time to return this may not be too easy, but according to the bitcoin production subsidies for electricity, equivalent to lower power consumption for the winter, but also with a bitcoin faith.

Generally speaking, if you are a bitcoin or digital technology enthusiasts, can buy a play, but want to use it instead of heating and air conditioning at home, as the main heating at present is not realistic, of course, does not rule out future upgrades, the possibility of enhancing the heating effect. In the office of commercial electricity or heating subsidies, in addition the electricity cost is relatively large, and also carefully study the electrical environment, avoid excessive power emergence of electrical safety issues.

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