TD Ameritrade released the first quarter of the blockchain market

nBankruptcy Commentary: TD Ameritrade, one of the largest Internet brokerages in the United States, said in the first quarter of fiscal year 2018 that trading volume in the blockade and marijuana markets pushed record-breaking volume in the first quarter. The rise in related markets also aroused the concern of the CSRC and said it will closely investigate whether the listed companies that start blockchain related businesses strictly abide by the principle of information disclosure.n
nTranslation: Annie_Xun
TD Ameritrade said on Monday that the first quarter of fiscal year 2018 opened strongly, partly due to the stock market-related blockbuster heat.n
The investment services firm said customer assets increased by $ 26.5 billion and net income was $ 1.3 billion (mainly asset-backed).n
Tim Hockey, chief executive of TD Ameritrade, said in a statement that there has been a marked increase in company transactions in the quarter, with an average of 726,000 transactions in a single day, driven in part by investors’ concerns about the emerging blockchain and related markets in the cannabis service industry.n
n”As the markets hit their new highs and record volume of deals, investor relations across multiple client sectors continue to rise, consumer interest in the blockchain and marijuana-linked securities markets further contributed to engagement during the last week of the quarter, Is the new admission of investors. “n
nIn the past few months, a large number of companies started to pay attention to the blockchain, causing the stock market to rise more than usual.n
However, it remains unclear whether this trend will continue. Monday, the SEC Chairman Jay Clayton said the agency will investigate whether companies that conduct such an initiative meet investor disclosure standards.n
n”To capitalize on the potential of distributed ledger technology, some listed companies are beginning to shift their business models. The SEC will closely investigate the disclosure of these companies and whether the disclosure of information is compliant with the securities laws, particularly in the area of ​​product distribution.”n

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