Technology stocks led U.S. stocks fell! Bitcoin a year fell 8! 33 days over 130 billion infrastructure projects

01 [33 days over 130 billion! The NDRC approved intensive big infrastructure projects]

11 March 19, the national development and Reform Commission published on the website of the “official reply on the Urumqi airport expansion project feasibility study report”. The contents of the display, the total investment of 421.14 billion yuan, of which the airport project investment 394.27 billion yuan. Not only that, according to incomplete statistics, in just 33 days, continuous development and Reform Commission approved three investment of 30 billion yuan in infrastructure projects, the total investment amounted to 132 billion 409 million yuan.

02 [source: public fund investment is not expected to expand the scope of “non-standard”]

Reporter learned from informed sources, is expected in the scope of public fund investment will not exceed the standard investment targets, “non-standard” should not be included. Another fund research bluntly, non-standard public fund investment and the traditional investment differences, raised funds will not easily test the water, even in the short term can also not vote.

03 [A shocks bottoming, tens of billions of private non Jiancang]

The data show a number of research institutions, since the rebound, compared with the previous private overall position continues to decline, close to the low level of history. But according to the literature investigation, several tens of billions of private equity has recently opening around 10%, generally maintain a neutral position, the higher position of the tens of billions of private equity does not rebound in the current round of jiancang. These private said, the market is limited downside.

04 [crude oil fell again, fell 6.6% U.S. oil cloth oil fell 6.4%]

Crude oil futures prices fell on Tuesday, the U.S. WTI crude oil closed at the lowest level in more than a year. In the next month at the beginning of the major oil producers held before an important meeting, investors are still paying close attention to the problem of pile up in excess of requirement of crude oil market. As of closing, WTI January crude oil futures fell $3.77, or 6.59%, at $53.43 / barrel. January Brent crude oil futures fell $4.26, or 6.38%, at $62.53 / barrel.

05 [grade fund size continued to shrink, more than just the product transition Index Fund]

Since last year there have been for the transformation of 19 grade funds, which apply for years accounted for only 16. The above products, CSI 1000 index, the constant transformation of grade bonds and money for long trillion 300 small board index 10 products has been approved, the remaining grade products are still go change the registration process.

06 [night rumor! In 50 companies to push innovation? Shanghai clear response! ]

Shanghai again there is no so-called “listed companies” list, the current regulators are actively solicit opinions in the industry, mainly by plate positioning, listed companies threshold, trading system design registration system how to pilot the content of seeking market wisdom “”.

[07 bitcoin fell below $4100, has a peak last December fell to nearly 80%]

Bitcoin fell more than 14% on the platform of Coinbase days, at $4071. As of now, bitcoin has the highest point compared with December last year hit a decline of 79%, a larger decline in other encryption currency.

08 [technology stocks led U.S. stocks suffered another bloodbath, the Dow was down over 500 points erased all the gains this year]

The United States shares Dikaidizou Tuesday, the Dow fell 500 points, annual revenue in 2018 turned negative, because the Taghit department store, the share price fell sharply to retail stocks under pressure, and had the most popular technology stocks fell again. At the close, the Dow fell 551.80 points, or 2.21%, erased all the gains in 2018. S & P 500 index 11 plate in all fell, the energy sector led.

09 [40 city residential transactions did not pick up, the three or four line of the city significantly cool]

E-House Real Estate Institute released the “11 month turnover forecast”, half month 11 2018 years, 40 City Housing turnover growth of 11%, an increase of 9%. The first half of November, first-tier cities housing turnover decreased by 3%; the second tier city growth of 27%; the three or four line of the city fell 20%.

10 Hurun Report: [China real high net worth families are less]

The report shows that tens of millions of assets of high net worth families and billion in assets of ultra high net worth families, business owners constitute the most, respectively 60% and 80%. While the real estate investors, the occupation ratio is decreased, the real estate speculators tens of millions of assets decreased by 5%, the occupation investors accounted for hundreds of millions of assets decreased by 5%.

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