Telecom giant KDDI joined the enterprise ethercom federation

nnAt present, the Japanese telecom giant KDDI has also become a member, will cooperate with the Japanese venture company to develop a smart contract concept verification, hoping to test this technology to improve the potential for payment. At the same time, KDDI also revealed that the study of artificial intelligence and Internet of Things and other emerging technologies, showing its determination to achieve technological breakthroughs.n
nTranslated by: Inan
Japan Telecom Group KDDI company has joined the enterprise ether square federation (EEA).n
KDDI ranked No. 219 in the Fortune Global 500 list, and it said it was working with Japanese start-up company Couger to build a smart contract concept validation through an enterprise-centric technology developed by the APF Alliance. KDDI’s work on the block chain will also include collaboration with Trinity-Arts and Kentauros Works, a chain-chain start-up company.n
KDDI is the newest addition to EEA, which was formed in February and is supported by companies such as BP, JPMorgan and Microsoft.n
KDDI indicates how the plan is used to improve the payment between companies using smart blocks based on block chains (code segments that are automatically executed when certain conditions are met).n
The company explained:n
n”This concept proves that the chain of chains used by the existing business will be validated by the business, technical issues and advantages of open services on the platform, including non-financial interactions and collaboration with the services of the partner companies Of the smart contract. “n
nThe test will also include the use of mobile phone repair services, will use smart contracts to determine the cost of mobile phone repair, second-hand market, mobile phone costs and whether there are other factors in the cost.n
According to its announcement, KDDI also plans to explore how technology such as artificial intelligence and networking will help develop “next-generation service platforms”.n

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