Ten times the price! The $40 thousand high guard these investors are only seeing the bitcoin “winter”

The debt stock of oil “dark clouds”, to put pressure on the occasion of bitcoin investors, a week fell 30%, fell to the lowest level since October 2017. Back before Christmas last year bitcoin close to the glory days of $twenty thousand, but it is.

Bloomberg noted that the bitcoin since the peak of the road opened collapse a day earlier, which is December 18, 2017, bitcoin investment trust fund Grayscale Investment but compared to the net assets of the premium up to more than 100%. In simple terms, This is the most expensive in the bitcoin period, on the spot market for twice in the history of the big top price of 4 million dollars to buy a digital currency.

The media pointed out that due to the purchase of the trust fund is regulated by the institutional investors in the United States was one of the few encryption currency exposures in several ways, so this increase is actually the scarcity value of the product (scarcity value).

With bitcoin value fell below $5000, the premium has shrunk, any deal with Sike investors will suffer a loss of more than 87%.

11 month 20 days yesterday, bitcoin fell below $4300 mark, fell more than 10% days. To yesterday, bitcoin prices have rebounded from the lows, rose over 5%, now hovering around $4666.

Interestingly, this number coincides with the famous bitcoin critic, JP Morgan CEO (Jamie Dimon) Damon last year called bitcoin scam when the currency price be roughly the same encryption.

In September 12, 2017, Mr Dimon rebuked bitcoin for a “hoax”, “worse” than the tulip bubble, “digital currency transaction will not have good results, some people will accompany with life”. He also said that any employee involved in bitcoin transactions should be dismissed because of stupid.

Since then, bitcoin prices and higher, three months. Three times, then stop to decline all the way down. Compared to last year’s peak of $19711, bitcoin has fell over 76%.

Bloomberg quoted eToro analyst Mati Greenspan said, the market value of the largest digital currency bitcoin fell $5000 support, a support or $3500.

But some analysts predict that bitcoin fell to $1500, than the current level fell more than 70%.

The Forbes analyst Joseph Young said today in social media, any investment in the first quarter of 2017 bitcoin, in 2 years will rise 2 to 4 times:

Yes, BTC prices have fallen by 77%, or may end up to more than 80%, but since last year also rose 340%. The key investment in any emerging asset class is patience.

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