Tencent block chain technology leader Li Maocai: the chain in the future is unlikely to be a different expansion program may be mixed

The daily planet Odaily Institute has in the “block” chain layout of a diagram to understand the domestic Internet giant in combing BAT and other large companies in the field of space occupying chain block.

Compared to the “with innovative technology, looking for landing scene” of the entrepreneurial team, the giants have with diversified business and large volume users, backed by capital, talent, technology, experience and other resources, the policy sensitive, more brands and existence; mostly embrace “coinless blockchain, no intention to borrow the name of fast block chain technology financing; often found pain points in the” tradition “in the field of new technology to solve it.

Company vision and action, is not a small reference value for dynamic blocks in the chain of entrepreneurs.

Recently, the daily planet Odaily to interview the Tencent block chain technology general manager Li Maocai, he talked to the block chain technology and industry trends to predict.

In 2004, Li Maocai joined the Tencent, has been involved in research for TenPay, WeChat payment, QQ wallet, New Year red envelopes and other projects, lead the team to investment in infrastructure such as block chain financial technology at present.

The daily planet Odaily will now experience and views of Li Maocai “single pumping out”, edited as follows:

 Tencent block chain technology leader Li Maocai: the chain in the future is unlikely to be a different expansion program may be mixed

It is difficult to predict the killer application and the outbreak scene but the company to B will be an advantage

After I entered the Tencent, mainly in the basis of payment platform, experienced from the PC to the mobile terminal across.

In 2015, the Tencent set up a block chain R & D team, began to reserve technology; 2017, Tencent issued a white paper block chain solutions, is officially sound; to this year, the technology is more perfect, the scene also have more landing.

Last year, would like to recruit blockchain technical personnel is difficult, therefore, our core staff is transferred to the team from before payment. Fortunately, technology has the same place, members of understanding of the blockchain rise very quickly.

Tencent blockchain BaaS open platform has been open to the outside world, the main focus in the blockchain electronic receipt, supply chain finance and other key scene.

Personally think that the blockchain is more suitable for the “transparent” scene, such as the electronic prescription of responsibility confirmation, the rules of the game and the game in the chain traces to prevent black box operation.

However, only a few of the pursuit of rational game player game set more transparent and fair, attracting the majority of game player or “love”, so, the game operators occasionally make some balance, make the game more fun. This game is relatively closed and the virtual scene, can try to combine the block chain in the design rules, at the same time as finance so serious, so it can be slightly iterative exploration. Block chain game “Tencent together to catch demon” is still being tested.

And entrepreneurial companies are different, the Tencent has been the scene of accumulation and IT reserve, so the location of the blockchain is “technology innovation”. Although the company has small innovation power is very strong, but to B route requires a certain resource threshold. To C is relatively easy to user, but the difficulty lies in the end do not understand technology C.

Of course, there are a lot of ideas outside the team, they will cooperate with Tencent case by case.

Technology development into the bottleneck of solving practical problems will usher in high light moment”

I had contact with a lot of small team, declared that “the fix world problem”, the white paper also combines many interdisciplinary cutting-edge technology, but the blockchain from theory to engineering breakthrough still faces many challenges.

For example, the model and algorithm of block chain is not perfect. Tencent to optimize the consensus algorithm in this year, try to do section and parallel to 4 nodes in ICT test environment this year, more than 50000 single stranded TPS.

For example, the industry is also a lack of standards. We hope you set wisdom, not a waste of resources to create a lot of system.

From another point of view, “the block chain card in bottleneck” not only technology. Just imaging, a string of numbers to social governance, but also the integration of business, solve practical problems, will usher in the high light moment”.

  1. Block chain commercial and user needs are still separated by a threshold. For example, WeChat wallet payment password and private key memory difficulty is obviously different. Because the earliest digital wallet is not designed for ordinary users, only a few understand cryptography “circles” human being can understand safety behind the asymmetric encryption. Can carry out to the more common products, need to reduce the threshold for the use of the balance of security and experience.

  2. To recognize the blockchain cannot solve all problems. With the origin as an example, the vaccine circulation of electronic prescription, accountable, high off the price of luxury goods security, more than pork traceability meaning and operability; on the chain before many areas can not be recorded; the technology is still unable to prevent the moral risk and operation.

  3. Block chain was first used in the financial sector. But now many practitioners are thought to send money to make quick money. The financial and technology related things, do not require fast, but the demand is steady. We see that the national level in whether the introduction of digital currency is very cautious, should consider the anonymity, security and many other aspects.

  4. The blockchain multi copy characteristics will bring high cost, the small and medium-sized enterprises pressure. Some systems are efficient, not forced to combine the block chain.

  5. Just add to the center of the credit, to ensure the safety of the means, not the purpose. The center and to the center without certain advantages and disadvantages, how to do right. Besides, the block chain’s portfolio is concentrated in the hands of a few people, not all equal”. For instance, the copyright system to the center of a lot of institutions still need to endorse the Copyright Office center.

A practitioner of “spindle” structure should focus on long-term interests

Block chain practitioners, there are very few people with technical ambition, want to change the world, it was idealistic; most people have seen the opportunities, use block chain harvest interests; and a promising future of wavelet technology, and also saw the combination of the existing commercial hope, achievement centennial. The “right” people will be more opportunities.

I saw some of the white paper is needed, showing the code deduction and perfect model, the project does not hurry to send money, but optimistic about the long-term value of block chain technology.

We also see that the domestic enterprises will block chain and their electricity supplier, content combination. We are also in the initial stage, far from the All flowers bloom together. time.

As cloud computing is still in existence for many years, slowly with the industry grafting, have not heard of the emergence of cloud computing is phenomenal”. When including the Tencent initially do WeChat and red envelopes, and did not expect to use the billions of people. Here is a chance and cultural attribute.

Block chain should also be a little bit of evolution, fermentation, penetration industry, power play. Will eventually become the infrastructure or business scenarios are difficult to predict, the industry needs to explore. We should not overestimate the short-term effect, think the next year “subversion”. Commercial companies and research institutions are exploring how to “go the distance”.

I think the Internet and LAN and WAN, the future public chain is unlikely to be a single, all social and business needs are loaded into, but to open, and other network interoperability, the deployment of different resources. General platform can only solve some common problems, the specific needs of industry chain to make the scene public choice in the “Impossible Triangle”.

A variety of future expansion solutions may be mixed, not all nodes are involved in accounting, voting can be divided into rounds, consensus mechanism may be hierarchical and books.

In addition, the block chain may AI other technologies. For example, the Tencent blockchain BaaS open platform is in combination with cloud. It is important to solve the practical problems in the scene, a little bit more polished details.

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