Tencent CTO Xiong Minghua: the next five years ahead of the layout of bitcoin industry etc.

Tencent CTO Xiong Minghua: the next five years ahead of the layout of bitcoin industry etc.

“Angel investment at least five years ahead of the layout.” Seven capital partners, Tencent CTO Xiong Minghua recently combed the 145 Unicorn enterprise current global discovery, these enterprises generally distributed in six areas, of which there are four areas of need in the next key layout.

“For the next five years, these four areas ahead of the layout.” He is in today’s Global Entrepreneurship Week, during the fifth session of China (Shanghai) and early Angel Investment Summit made this statement.

One is the augmented reality and virtual reality. 在这145家企业中,目前只有一家是虚拟现实和增强现实。 He said last week that they would vote in San Francisco a AR company, is four, made out of. “Now this do best without wearing glasses, the naked eye can see. Technically, AR than VR at least to an order of magnitude across the United States now do AR team is more than 20, VR is more than 2000, VR is now a bit late.” Xiong Minghua said.

The other is the network security. Xiong Minghua said that the future of unmanned technology, to a great extent, the need for network security technology is very reliable to support, they recently in Shanghai also saw a field of an enterprise.

The third is the bitcoin. Xiong Minghua believes that bitcoin is an ecosystem, a lot of people are looking to the trading system, but the technology is the core of the operating system. He said they recently by a bitcoin investment company invited to Silicon Valley, the company almost mastered the field of bitcoin more than 80 technical difficulties in more than 50, by leading British CEO Hoffman himself invested $20 million, seven capital investment and the project three months has risen by 5 times. “All financial enterprises, including VISA and so on, to this direction, there is no doubt, but the length of time. As the angel investment, if you are around people do, to see.”

There is a field of robot. In industrial robots, service robots, this robot consumption in the three main areas, Xiong Minghua believes that the former is not suitable for the angel investment, and consumer robots are not mature, they will focus on the layout of the service robot, such as hotel room service, large shops, washing glass building security patrol robot.

In fact, in addition to the trend, Xiong Minghua believes that to grasp is the founder of angel investment and technical barriers.

“When I talk with Yang Zhiyuan, he gave an example to his portfolio, two or three years ago for doing good company, but no one to do something that is the same when doing pitch and two or three years ago.” He said, the project has been able to grow up, have a very strong relationship between the founder and, because when working on projects will encounter various difficulties, market changes and team competition, the founder, must have the ability to swim, bypassing the reef rapids.

The third is to look at the technical content.” Xiong Minghua believes that the group purchase in the past few years from 3000 reduced to 300, now almost only 3, angel investment throw too much money. “If you have the opportunity to contact some of the technical content of the company, are worth the investment. In fact, the enterprises can develop or look at the technology, fierce competition environment more rely on technical barriers.”

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