Tennessee may pass a blockchain-related act

nRunaway Comment: At a hearing this week in the Tennessee National Assembly, local stakeholders discussed with a parliamentary legislator on a proposed bill that has been submitted. The act treats blockchain signatures as legitimate electronic records, as well as the use of smart contracts. Legislators are optimistic about the prospect of the bill and think it will pass the review smoothly.n
nTranslation: Inan
At a hearing on Wednesday, some U.S. legislators said that a bill that recognizes blockchain signatures as legitimate electronic records is likely to pass the Tennessee legislative process without delay.n
According to the Nashville Post, local stakeholders met with members of the Tennessee National Assembly to discuss the bill that was presented to state lawmaker Jason Powell earlier this month.n
The act states that “a signature obtained through blockchain technology is considered an electronic signature” and contains information about the use of smart contracts. Other bills recently submitted in Florida and Nebraska also include the content of the proposed bill.n
It is reported that legislative councilors in the Tennessee National Assembly are optimistic about the passage of the bill.n
Pat Marsh, a Republican of the state House, said:n
n”Tennessee is ready for the blockchain.”n
nHe believes that the bill passed the legislative review, is recognized as a formal law.n
Change Healthcare, one of the start-ups that attended the hearing, and Emily Vaughn, director of product development, said Tennessee benefits from incorporating the features of blockchain technology into state law.n
She said:n
n”When you are thinking about how Tennessee benefits from this technology, you have the opportunity to develop new businesses and grow our existing businesses.”n

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