Texas completed the first real estate transaction to pay only using Bitcoin

nnIn the world of all walks of life are constantly emerging in different parts of the use of special currency, and now “accept bit currency” signs in South Africa has become increasingly common. The recent use of real estate transactions in Texas to achieve a full use of Bitcoin to pay the use of funds, which marks the distance from the currency is widely accepted and further.n
nTranslation: Clovern
The use cases of Bitcoin are emerging all over the world, and in South Africa, from the coffee trader to the retail store, the sign of “accept Bitcoin” is everywhere.n
These use cases of Bitcoin are important because the continued use of bitcoins will facilitate the adoption of the digital currency and the price cycle, which is often referred to as the Satoshi cycle.n
In this new shift, the whole real estate transaction is carried out through Bitcoin. In other words, now you can use Bitcoin to buy real estate – at least in Texas this is possible. Such transactions are mainly for the purchase of new custom residential homes, all purchase prices are transferred through the special currency to the seller / builder. The seller then converts the digital currency into dollars. Buy the broker said:n
n”In my 33 years of experience, frankly, I never thought that such a unique thing will progress so smoothly in 10 minutes can be converted into dollars in dollars, the transaction is complete!n
nThe buyers and sellers have reached an agreement to buy a house using Bitcoin, which marks a further acceptance of the money. Other companies are also trying to tokenize their assets to achieve smaller-scale real estate investments through block-chain technology.n

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