Tezos has reached the pinnacle of the global ICO project for more than $ 200 million in financing

nnnThe new chain of chains developed by Tezos, a chain-chain start-up company, is distinguished from other existing block chains by improving the decentralized network management and development model. This “self-revised” encrypted book allows the beneficiaries to decide how the network protocol is adjusted. From the beginning to avoid the development of network decision-making disputes, such as Bitco currency expansion difficulties. And the block chain will use the current direction of the development of the ether square, to support equity proof of intellectual contracts. At present, the project’s ICO financing amounted to $ 232 million, more than the previous largest ICO project Bancor nearly 100 million US dollars to create a new world record.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nThe new block chain Tezos finished ICO. The start-up company raised more than 200 million US dollars of Bitcoin and Taitong currency, has become the world’s largest ICO.n
nThere is no upper limit, just tokensn
nIf you are building a new block chain system, you may be able to finance through the digital currency issued by other chain chains. Tezos is the case, July 1 will be decided for its new to the center of the block chain project ICO. Now that the encryption assets have been on the thirteenth day, Tezos’s ICO has raised $ 230 million of Bitcoin and the currency to become the largest ICO project.n
nTezos’s ICO eventually raised 65,627 bits and 361,122 dollars, totaling $ 232 million. Almost $ 100 million more than the previous record of $ 150 million in Bancor ICO. Tezos ICO did not set a cap on total tokens, with 2,000 new trading blocks added to the Bitcoin block chain.n
nBit coins and coins and other coins are used to pay for the maintenance of the block chain of miners, the center of the digital books have recently been applied to the financial industry and many other industries.n

nChallenge Block Chain Managementn
nTo sum up, Tezos is a block chain, but hopes to improve the management and development of these decentralized networks to distinguish it from other existing block chains. Tezos describes its block chain as a “self-revision” encrypted book, that is, it allows the beneficiaries to decide the adjustment of the network protocol.n
nIn fact, this can eliminate the current problems faced by Bitcoin. Bitcoin miners and developers disagree on the future goals of the block chain and can not determine whether to accept and deploy upgrades that increase network capacity.n
nTezos did not have this controversy, and the co-founder of the tower firm Vitalik Buterin had opposed the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčeliminating the agreement from outside. But Tezos will support the smart contract with the proof of interest as the consensus algorithm, which is said to be the direction of the development of the company.n
nAlthough the conventional investment is essentially fluctuating, the ICO is even more so. So there is no guarantee that the number of start-up companies that will be ICO will survive. But the current amount of money and support for Tezos is amazing.n

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