Thames Higher Education has revealed that the community is using block-chain technology

nnnPost Trip: Times Higher Education publishes the 2018 World University Rankings, and many of the top universities on the list have added block-chain technology courses to keep their lead. Block chain in the industry, especially the application of the financial has been in full swing, and now, the academic community will follow suit to explore the importance of block chain. Top-level institutions have also put the block chain technology into the curriculum, so as to maintain the relevance of these emerging technologies. In this paper, these schools are briefly introduced.n
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nTimes Higher Education publishes the 2018 World University Rankings, where many of the top universities have created a chain-chain technology course to keep their lead.n
nThames Higher Education 2018 World University Ranking uses 13 “well-adjusted performance indicators to provide the most comprehensive and balanced comparison, with the trust of students, academics, university leaders, industry and government.” 2018 International Education Alliance assessment table survey results By PricewaterhouseCoopers independent audit, to ensure the accuracy of the data, so that the ranking of the “global rankings only through a comprehensive and independent review.” A quick tour of the list will reveal that many of the world’s top universities will add block-chain education courses and modules. This shows that the competition between universities will provide a chain of chain technology courses as institutions to attract the best competitive advantage of academic talent.n
nMany industries have shifted to block-chain technology and have identified it as a basis for transforming the global economy with machine learning and artificial intelligence. And like Goldman Sachs, Microsoft to IBM and other institutions have entered this area. Academics and the government are just a matter of time. ETHNews interviewed Dr. TAN Chuan Hoo of the prestigious National University of Singapore in the list of Thames Higher Education 2018 top universities in order to gain a better understanding of how universities have incorporated block-chain technology into their courses to maintain relevance. TAN said to ETHNews:n
nn”Block chains are a new disruptive technology that has important applications in the financial sector. Our information systems students must have a solid understanding of the latest technology and have a new set of skills to work in key industry areas such as the financial industry, It is very important for this year, we are setting up a professional direction for financial science and technology for our Bachelor’s degree in Computing (Information Systems). In this professional direction, we have three core modules and three elective modules. Block chain technology module is one of the three core modules of financial science and technology specialty.n
nnThere may be an equation to describe how the use of higher education institutions is carried out. This may explain why prospective scholars have reached a consensus on the importance of block chains after powerful brokers in large enterprises. In any case, it seems that both industry and academia will take advantage of block-chain technology before multinational governments around the world. If the equations describing these relationships do not exist, one of the following world-class academic institutions can be found. While almost all schools on the Thames Higher Education 2018 list are likely to provide some form of chain-related courses, associations, or societies, ETHNews has spent some time identifying some of these leaders.n
nThames Higher Education 2018 World University Ranked second in the University of Cambridgen
nCambridge University has maintained excellent academic achievements, nearly a thousand years has been a world-class research institutions. An alternative financial center at the University of Cambridge, Judge business school, recently published a landmark study of encrypted money.n
nThames Higher Education 2018 World University Ranked eighth in the Imperial College of Technologyn
nImperial College of Technology is always under the British Oxford Cambridge; but their encrypted currency research and engineering center has developed to a world-class level.n
nThames Higher Education 2018 World University Ranked Fifteenth of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)n
nUCLA’s block-chain labs stand out from the fierce competition in California.n
nThames Higher Education 2018 World University Ranked 19th in the United States Cornell Universityn
nCornell may have a long winter of more than six months, but it is one of the world’s most popular block-chain universities. At the same time, Cornell is also Citibank to send staff to Emin Gun Sirer and other professors to learn from the university.n
nThames Higher Education 2018 World University Ranked twenty-second National University of Singaporen
nThe National University of Singapore, while working with IBM to carry out the chain chain, offers a unique block chain course.n
nNow that these universities are struggling to catch up with the revolutionary wave of block chain technology, it will be exciting to understand what kind of development these universities will achieve. TAN continued:n
nn”We found that Professor Block Chain Technology is very fit with our Bachelor’s Degree in Computing (Information Systems). Our students have not only trained in programming, but have studied in the design, development and deployment of enterprise platforms. Teaching as a high – level module is a natural choice.n

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