Thanksgiving thanksgiving! Bitcoin plunged 1080 to close 1080 card point the day and await for it?

The 21 day when Yiyi sauce wrote “bitcoin miners plummeted tearful sold by catty” junk mill guy “Ecstasy” article, then Fanxiang, read the comments also have a lot of friends with $15000 to start bitcoin friends. We also have some friends waiting to receive a card.

Bitcoin fell again

During the slump in bitcoin, many analysts point out that bitcoin will go high, has dropped to the bottom, but the fact is crazy face. After a week of bitcoin crash did not rise, but continued to decline, which makes many people secretly “hunters” in the copy of the hillside.

Pile up like a mountain hand of mine

The bitcoin market impact, encryption currency market is also greatly affected, the current total market capitalization plus currency has fallen to the lowest level since September 2017, to $138 billion 600 million. In fact, as long as the market began to look so reluctant to paste the collapse of the no end at all, falling bitcoin mines are still waiting for some have stopped looking in their clean mine, selling machine.

Bitcoin mining machine

Even so there are a lot of people still hold bitcoin will rebound again hope, such as bitcoin analysts said at the end of this year, bitcoin prices will rise to $15000, but the mass closure of the quarry this is an indisputable fact, if not mine bitcoin no source, how to rebound?

A large number of deposit card

We all know that in order to ensure the efficiency of mining, its graphics model is not low, Nvida entry card is 1060, AMD is also slightly worse in RX560 with the miners, but these are also the mainstream graphics card, now with the closure of the quarry, has large quantities of ore card into the market. Recently there are not financial news reports of the miners has sold its.

Zotac 1060 deposit card

Many users have expressed readiness to buy mine card, also called the “1080 1080 cards to know at the time point the day and await for it!” but the 1080 listed 5000 yuan stalls card! Its performance in the present are good, but still hope that we have to polish eyes mirror when buying ore card ah! After all, long-term mining the miners have ultra high frequency graphics card, and long time working load is reduced life.

If you really can receive 1080 cards 1080 words will receive a piece of butter is mine to play, on the market at present is said to have 580 RX 580 cards! You may wish to wait and see!

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