The 11 day fell 44%, $48 billion 600 million of evaporation! Bitcoin pit buried many people?

Bitcoin mine”!

This week, the entire plate encryption currency to the “rich” myth shattered. In the face of plummeting encryption currency, A shares, Hong Kong stocks, stocks rose not worth mentioning.

Many of the so-called currency circle “miners” in the “trembling” – because the “mine” to.

“Feel this few days bitcoin acid cool fall

Just 11 days, bitcoin has fallen 44%, $48 billion 600 million in market value , compared with this figure, really sad is from the end of last year, with the rise of bitcoin rush to get participants.

Blood of the miners

The day before, a picture of the brush machine sold on the pounds burst circle of friends, this is true or widespread?

According to statistics, 2018 years 10 months 4 days, bitcoin the whole network is the highest, about 74.54EH/s. In November 25th, bitcoin, the whole network is reduced to 42.09EH/s, lower 32EH/s, or up to 43%. According to this year’s most popular ant mining machine S9 computing power for 13.5T calculation, To directly shut down 237 million S9 mills.

Such a huge data, the downtime storm, sold on the pounds is not entirely the case.

Fish F2pool founder and co-founder of the Cobo wallet Mao said recently, at present its competition has entered the white hot stage, for example, I got a DCR today over 1 mills, Taiwan, 2.4T. A month later, another vehicle launched 6T, a couple of months later, introduced a 45T, power consumption is about 10 times improvement. Everyone is very competitive, and its chip 3 to 6 months for the two generation. Many miners suffered huge losses. The beginning of 2017, a bitcoin mining machine more than 20 thousand yuan, and today the same second-hand vehicle only a few hundred yuan.

“It is mining the most painful time, as a strong cycle of the industry, the current input-output ratio is not high. In a recent interview with several miners, the average loss is 10 million dollars to you 2018 years.”

The desolate mine

Dropping coins prices, shrinking machine, as the main business, managed to provide services for absenteeism in recent months is mine, and.

The first is the supervision problem. Earlier this month the media reported that Guizhou and Xinjiang are regular field requirements outage rectification, check and accept the tax of the real name registration. In addition the mines are asked to sign the network information security work of the Public Security Department security book. In this regard, the daily economic news reporter to a large domestic mine to verify, got each other confirmed here in Xinjiang in September to clean up the Corps of electricity, now belongs to clean up to.”

The second is efficiency. “The location of mine, Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Qinghai, kyrgyzstan. A minimum of 0.38 yuan / kWh (full charge + custodian fee) “” cost price + + operation team to complete formalities “affixed to the cost price, this is your” mine “with 2000 seats, a national network of power, the procedures are complete, as the large field sales in recent months, Mr. Wang the circle of friends almost every day is such content.

In addition, the mining machine hosting customers, Mr. Wang continues to advertise, help customers to continue mining, selling second-hand vehicle customers.

In the face of the falling market, Mr. Wang lamented to reporters, “The market is now down like this, is not ah.”

The new cold mill

The falling price of the currency, the old mill sold by catty, the new machine?

Earlier this month, bit, launched its own trump models, S1511600 price, performance, higher official website shows, just 5 minutes, S15 has been sold out.

But the old miner Zhang told reporters:

“The official website said, the day after it was empty seckill, I estimate is false. Now I haven’t seen a friend to buy in. Just have a friend, he is reselling its, he has more than 200 12 in machine hand, and are anxious to sell.”

In November 21st, Asia Pacific sales, bit responsible person Fan Xiaojun also made it clear that the machine is very difficult to sell.

Back at the beginning of the year, a bitcoin is as high as 100 thousand, a S9 from the 8 thousand directly pushed up to 30 thousand, now currency price ace direct shutdown, is Rainbow Night.

Many analysts believe that this vicious spiral of bitcoin is due to the lack of basic value”.

The price of the currency collapse on the surface, behind the new mill bloodbath miners, desolate, deserted mines, all of which make the controversial industry suffered a hitherto unknown impact and change.

They are lying on the list

Compared to the miners and miners helpless, as part of the largest mining vested interests, machine manufacturers are now lying on the Hurun rich list.

Some of the 2018 Hurun list on the blockchain billionaires made a summary, in addition to cut chives and swearing is silly X Li Xiaolai and every day was dogged Xu star Block chain, and this year’s richest man from rich manufacturers: bit continent mills.

Some people say that this business than mine production and profitable mining. In contrast to their three year rocket like growth performance:

This growth rate, A shares no company so fierce.

Then compare, according to the police disclosed that 100 grams of heroin in the border areas of Yunnan market price of 7500 yuan, transportation to Guangzhou, Sichuan to double the price of 15000 yuan, so it seems, Selling machine and drug trafficking margin almost, even in the secondary market price speculation under the condition of high drug than.

Bitcoin pit buried many people?

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