The 2016 US presidential candidate Paul BTC through the BitPay to receive donations

The 2016 US presidential candidate Paul BTC through the BitPay to receive donations

Beijing time on April 8th hearing, Senator Rand Paul of the state of Kentucky (Rand Paul), a conservative Liberal, today he has officially announced that accept bitcoin donations to compete for the 2016 presidential election.

It is reported that Paul is the bitcoin payment processing company BitPay to accept bitcoin, donors can choose bitcoin donations from some of the available payment options.

Paul is perhaps one of politicians in the United States to accept bitcoin donations most notably last year, the Federal Election Commission approved a bitcoin donations fundraising way, this is Paul to accept bitcoin donations foreshadowed.

Bitcoin “outsider”

Earlier this year, Paul participated in by TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington (Michael Arrington) organization bitcoin group discussion, he claimed that he was a bitcoin “outsider”.

According to Bloomberg News Agency reported that he said at the time:

“I have been fascinated by it (bitcoin) concept, but I would never buy it myself, I just wondered.”

In an interview in 2014, Paul believes that if the stock is used as a digital currency collateral, so the concept of digital currency can be more easily accepted.

Paul was born in January 1963 in Pittsburgh City, Pennsylvania, was an eye doctor. Since 2011, he served as U.S. senator from Kentucky, he said he hoped the United States to return to the root of small government and free. He called himself a Republican out of the ordinary “.

It is reported that Paul is one of the few candidates the Republican president and Texas Senator Ted Cruz has announced that it will become the Republican presidential race.

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