The $5 billion “air money”, want to rely on a few “BM what if” turn over?

In November 28th, BM suddenly appeared by EOS group. Discussions with members of the community, BM begins with multiple “what if” of the question, to the members of the community “has revealed that in addition to find solutions to the privacy and the ultimate expansion method, will achieve 10 million TPS” and “new currency issue” idea.

All of a sudden to panic, “BM will leave EOS?” “The BM issued a new currency?”

29, BM once again appeared in the EOS community, the rumor on the speculation, and reiterated that he will not leave the EOS, in the telegraph group in the speech is our new ideas to play occasionally and some jokes.

New trends for the recent concern BM Odaily, the daily planet EOS community interviewed a number of core members, some people think that BM use “what if” sentence is obviously some of his thinking and exploration; some people think that BM is just in the telegraph group with you blow a cow.


To abandon BM EOS?

11 28 April morning, BM appeared in EOS cable group.

This chat, BM not talk too much about the specific technology about EOS team improvement, but with “what if I told you…” (if I told you……) The rhetorical question, put forward a number of reverie of the scheme:

If I tell you, I have found the solution to privacy and ultimate expansion method, and not to use the zk-SNARK?

If I tell you, I realized 10 million TPS, and does not require any fees?

If I tell you, this will not RAM or disk?

If I tell you, everyone can run a whole node, confirm the time is 200 milliseconds?

If I tell you, no longer have to vote and mortgage?

If I tell you, no kidding?

If I tell you, I will be in 2019 years began planning for these?

If I tell you, will issue new currency as a common currency between Mars and earth?


Soon after, BM voice in the group was interpreted as “BM found a new consensus to replace DPOS, will be in 19 years to develop new tokens”.

In June this year, the main EOS hard line, gambling public chain, RAM mechanism design flaws, EOS cool and other negative news constantly. The BM will develop new tokens spread the message, once again sparked panic. Many netizens have speculated that BM may be away from EOS.

According to BM’s speech, Chen Weixing also comment on micro-blog, said BM ready for the new fraud routines .

Public opinion after fermentation, 29 BM appeared again, according to the telegraph group to speak in explanation:

I reiterate: I won’t leave EOS . In the processing of EOS security and scalability in the process, I accidentally discovered a cryptographic token for new ideas, (yesterday’s jokes) I just explore the existence of these trade-offs in the market . EOSIO is a block chain in the future, the team every day to make it faster, safer, more scalable and more flexible.

The imaginary token even if is not variable, not programmable, and only the role of money. More cases it will not damage the EOSIO application.

This will lead to the outside world in a long time have misunderstanding and prejudice against EOS

BM rumor, many community members have voice core BM backing.

“BM is not God, not to speculate on his every word. You treat him as a friend, is occasionally to chat with you, the breeze, he told you some recent ideas.” EOS community members of the tea cat in my circle of friends said.

The founder member of the European wolf chain super node, agrees, he believes that BM is in the telegraph group and we will blow cattle, put forward some new ideas.

HelloEOS 4 is repeating the cen Zi circle of friends behind BM. He told the daily planet Odaily admitted that the rumors of EOS, of BM, the whole community is a great harm. Most people will be in a very long period of time of EOS have misconceptions and stereotypes, many ordinary investors on the EOS bias may last several years .

HelloEOS explained that EOS is a Tencent, BM’s new ideas but does not affect the status of EOS qq :

BM yesterday brain appeared in the original design inspiration for a crypto currency, is only just starting to think about whether this new idea has realized value. Even if the money really realize the deployment of encryption, is simply a currency. EOS is not the same, there is a wireless application software platform, EOS is a Tencent, and yesterday’s new ideas is at best but it will not affect Q coins, EOS status.

For the wrong interpretation of the outside world, the wolf thought:

Due to the environment in a bear market, so we interpret pessimistic , if in a bull market, everyone’s interpretation may become the “BM new concept, designed to solve the problems of the development of stable currency currency circle. With stable currency, EOS and future ecological can into the open tender. Especially in the EOS to the center of the exchange, a stable currency channel, will greatly reduce the funds out of EOS ecological barriers, promote the rapid development of the EOS.”

No DPoS, how will EOS

Even if BM does not make any assumption on their proposed commitments identified community members also believe that BM just blew a “leather”. But the BM in EOS to subvert the existing design about “no DPoS”, “no longer need to vote or equity pledge”, “everyone can run the whole node” is still fall into a reverie.

DPoS is a consensus on the mechanism of EOS, it provides all the cash in the hands of EOS users to vote for the 21 super node, only the 21 super nodes have a right. In theory, every minute a round of voting, that is to say, the super node can change at any time.

In the EOS grid on the front line, triggered a wave of super node campaign upsurge, also let EOS sit on the mainstream currency head spot, received the majority of people hot money. Some people think that BM is actually a marketing genius.

Insiders so ironic DPoS mechanism of EOS, “like the people’s Congress system, but in fact more than the center of people’s Congress, because it sets only 21 super node.”

People began to explore, if BM said is true, cancel the vote, DPoS and the whole node approach, that means EOS will become what? Some people think that will directly affect those who used to spend huge amounts of money to buy the EOS vote, people involved in the campaign of the interests of the super node.

The main problem is that if you cancel the DPoS, that he will use what to replace it? He said: “if I say with all nodes, and confirm the transaction time is shortened to 200 milliseconds?” It sounds like a perfect solution, but the problem of how to achieve?” One of the industry to the daily planet Odaily analysis.

As one of the members of the super node, the wolf did not want to evaluate, on this point he said: “the BM is not Trump, boasting in telegraph group in the words too lazy to read. In addition, the U.S. Department of defense is not hanging (listen) to see Trump Trump, speaking on Twitter, it will only whisper “idiot”.”

And that if the BM Cen Zi, it really can be realized, it is a good thing:

Block chain need to be perfect enough, we want to achieve the vision. To make EOS get better faster and safer and more stable and more flexible than the super node cheese nothing.”


BM home EOS outbreak of public opinion, and BM in BTS and STEEM’s “black history” are not unrelated. Before EOS project, BM also had BTS and STEEM two projects, BM chose to leave.

Netizens ridicule, but BM is to happen, EOS scene with BTS and STEEM was almost the same situation.

In this regard, Zi CEN is on his micro-blog BM grievance. He said, BM in BTS and STEEM is BM away involuntarily, repeatedly clarified will not leave, unless the EOS holder voted to catch him.

In contrast, BM had left BTS and STEEM projects, although less BM, the project still continue to operate the project activity in the top ten. But there are media reports that the STEEM project is now more cash back is reduced, with the ratio of 70% layoffs.

Many people began to reflect, BM away behind the panic caused by rumors and fears of a domino, is the side of the BM component in EOS. There are BM and V and God said analogy, BM as the core of the EOS community. After BM, the EOS is probably “renzouchaliang”.

“Early in the project of course cannot do without core, EOS is stable and mature, community development strength is more and more strong, the three party DAPP ecological prosperity, reliance on this core will gradually become the spiritual needs.” CEN Zi told the daily planet Odaily, BM can also be Nakamoto, does not need the actual development output, only as a spiritual leader, “but this is a gradual process, evolution takes time, exactly how much is not a good prediction. I guess that’s about three to five years.”

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