The 600 thousand bitcoins that have not been retrieved for ten years in ten years in Mentougou or ten years in prison are still in suspension.

One is called “the world’s biggest villain encryption”, Japanese prosecutors asked was recently sentenced to 10 years in prison for embezzlement, charges and data manipulation.

Prior to this, the Mark Karpel of the French is limited in Japan for more than two years, but he seems to be sentenced the coming had a hunch. In March this year, Mark Karpel in Tokyo to accept the media interview when he said that I could get a normal full-time job within a year or two can not be determined. In other words, he thinks he is likely to be sent to prison again.

If Mark Karpel was sentenced to imprisonment, if that means that the year 85 million bitcoin theft is the The case is entirely cleared.?

“Fat” in the era of Mentougou has been in control of the market 80% bitcoin

In the early development of bitcoin, people in the choice of trading platform often traded bitcoin convenience at the security is more important than. In June 2010, the world’s first bitcoin exchange Bitcoin Market canceled the PayPal payment, the trading volume shrinking rapidly. In July of the same year, one located in the United States of New York bitcoin trading platform, people only need to put the money into the account of the founder of Jed McCaleb, you can directly buy bitcoin. For convenience, the bitcoin trading platform quickly became popular.

This was the situation at the giant mentouggou exchange (Mt.Gox) predecessor. The founder of Mentougou will exchange later sold to a Japanese company Tibanne, Mark Karpel as CEO.

It was 2011 years and 3 months, just took over the Mentougou stock exchange Mark Karpel is full of fat, because is French, affectionately called him “fat method”. But is this was made fun of fat, will help the bitcoin market quickly took over the overlord throne after Mentougou opened the fame of the “fat” era.

2010 the second half of the year, reports related to the outside world bitcoin gradually increased, more and more people began to join the bitcoin mining trend. At that time, in order to balance out the block time, Nakamoto will enhance the difficulty of 3 times. This is a direct result of a lot of people to give up mining trading bitcoin.

Bitcoin traders continue to increase, but when the exchange is only a few home, which had some users based the rapid rise of the Mentougou stock exchange. According to the network data show that in 2013, the Mentougou stock exchange bitcoin daily trading volume reached 150000, the peak is in control of the global bitcoin trading market share of 80%.

Trading empire into a blank method referred to as the maximum fat

2 day for 2014 years, positive peak Mentougou stock exchange suddenly announced that hackers looted, exchange and all bitcoin users all missing, a total of 850000 medals. The Mentougou Stock Exchange began to rapidly collapse. Shocking users find signs, will have to spearhead the “fat”, as he swept away all bitcoin.

2014 years 2 months 7 days, Mentougou’s trading site suddenly blank. The official announcement shows that due to technical weakness in Mentougou, the exchange will suspend the currency service repair network. At that time, people have not detected any abnormality, because just two weeks ago, several bitcoin exchanges including Mentougou suffered a similar intrusion.

But only 17 days later, on February 28th, Mentougou imposed a moratorium on all transactions, and will exchange line. An internal letter was leaked, the hackers steal 744408 bitcoin and the Mentougou stock exchange 10 million bitcoins, a total of about 85 million. After that, Mentougou has in Tokyo and the United States have filed for bankruptcy protection.

In accordance with the highest price of bitcoin, $17 billion worth of bitcoin with victims began to take wings to itself, to adults, spontaneously organize investigation team to the court, sued etc..

Soon after, with Japanese law enforcement sources said Mentougou bitcoin theft is embezzlement.

The news that the 750000 missing bitcoin, in fact only 7 thousand pieces is really stolen, the rest are Mentougou people inside the interception, this is the Mentougou stock exchange CEO “method of fat”. The document pointed out that in 2013, the Mentougou stock exchange, a network of Willy, every 5-10 minutes to set up a new account, and then used to buy 10-20 coins. This lasted for several months, but Mentougou is not trading, the Willy account has been active, and bought about 25 million coins.

In other news, announced in Mentougou shortly before the disappearance of a large number of bitcoins, “fat” was first out of the bitcoin foundation, and suddenly removed the Mentougou stock exchange all tweets.

Finally, in August 2015, was arrested by Japanese police law fat.

“Japanese economic news” reported that Japan’s indictment the prosecution shows that Mark Karpel from the management of customer funds under the name of the company a total of approximately 321 million yen capital account will be remitted to the external accounts, existing occupation behavior.

The trial, “fat” acknowledge that he is the name Willy, but he said that doing so is just to make up for the Mentougou account empty, not stealing. In addition, he accused the Japanese police on a variety of other have a veto, even in the trial in Japanese read: I swear to God.

A generation of exchange giant destruction, with the “fat” is also considered to be the biggest villain world “encryption”.

Later, “fat” claimed that more than 20 pieces of lost coins found in a cold wallet. But this is not enough to become he was convicted of evidence. Only in jail after less than a year, has been released on bail by fat. But because still in the review period, unable to leave japan.

Bitcoin is doomed to fail”

After his release on bail, “fat” said in an interview with the investigation into the next stage, perhaps there will be more details of exposure. He will have to cooperate with the authorities to track these bitcoin. Finally, he also expressed the yearning for future life.

Initially, “fat” does seem to have started his new life. When he was C level executives at a large American company, updated LinkedIn, and less about money in front of the public encryption.

“Now bitcoin, I believe is doomed to fail. It is to realize the promise of future currency is out of reach.” Method of fat Fortune said, this is his occupation career before the summary. He added that bitcoin itself, the main problem is that his community polarization is serious. In this, he cited the bitcoin and bitcoin cash to explain the differences.

However, “fat” good times don’t last long, “the new life” did not last for a long time. As mentioned above, he is in the life of worry by Japanese prosecutors asked for 10 years, mainly for charges of embezzlement and data manipulation.

Prosecutors allege that during the period from September 2013 to December by fat from the exchange took public funds of nearly $3 million for personal investment and personal use of software development etc.. In addition, prosecutors also accused of alleged illegal manipulation method fat accounts and transaction data, the violation of a number of company law in japan.

The prosecutor is also on the Tokyo local court, Mark Karpel way of doing things is very wicked, he completely destroyed the trust in the encryption currency.

But note that, although the prosecutors conducted a number of powerful indictment, but not suspected of hundreds of thousands of bitcoins charges of annexation. Even if the people heart has decided that he is one of the culprits of the incident in Mentougou, but still not to steal bitcoin charges to send him to prison.

At present, has not yet found traces of more than 60 pieces bitcoin is still unsolved”.

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