The 7 annual rate of return over the Amazon 5, bitcoin is still the best option?

Since November 29th, the price of bitcoin has remained at more than $4000, people started talking about bitcoin and Amazon and other mainstream stock trend in recent years.

After accidentally fell to $3500, bitcoin began to successfully defend $4000 from Thursday, and stable in the 4200 u..

Many analysts believe that, from the medium-term trend, a wide range of bitcoin selling phenomenon is likely to continue. Prediction of God Vinny Lingham said bitcoin is less than $5000 of the stock market is likely to continue for at least 3 months.

Although compared with the beginning of the year, bitcoin prices fell, but the supporters think that it still displayed as an investment product advantage.

A twitter user upload a picture, that in the past 7 years, bitcoin annual income of at least 5 years more than the Amazon stock. He even believes that bitcoin is likely to surpass Amazon’s market capitalization of $800 billion over the next 10 years.

Currently bitcoin market capitalization of about $73 billion.

Technology stocks and shares of FAANG (social network giant Facebook, apple, Amazon, the online retail giant video streaming services giant Netflix and Google parent company Alphabet) this week has rebounded, which promotes a positive chain reaction, bitcoin prices also rose slightly.

Credit Suisse strategist at Jonathan Golub said that despite the recent stock price rebounded, but this is not “you expect the bull market”.

In the short term, it is difficult to rebound in technology stocks.

Digital currency Group founder Barry Silbert said in a recent interview, science and technology and keep step with the development of currency encryption, so the trend of technology stocks may also affect the price of bitcoin.

BlackTower Capital partner Michael Bucella said, “the pain cycle” bitcoin may not completely finished, are likely to fall 50%.

But I think that this situation will not last too long, if you plan to buy bitcoin, I think this is one of the best time of admission of long-term investment.

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