The 70 year old man with block chain technology for industrial hemp

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 The 70 year old man with block chain technology for industrial hemp

4 months in Heilongjiang is the planting season of industrial hemp. Even Japan, industrial hemp heat rising, so just let go of industrial hemp planting in Heilongjiang ushered in more and more attention, the 67 year old Zhang Yuying is one of them.

Different with ordinary industrial hemp planting this time, Zhang Yuying’s Beijing Tianyi new flax Biotechnology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “new Ma biological”) in Heilongjiang city of Hegang tried to block chain detection technology of industrial hemp cultivation.

New kenaf is a NASDAQ listed company SUNCOO (NASDAQ:TYHT)’s Tianyi Jiahua’s wholly-owned subsidiary, is also the new force of industrial hemp industry tide.

Responsible for the new Ma biological block chain traceability technology support, BAIC networking data chain and Beijing Eslite Traceability Technology Co. ltd..

For the first time cooperation first from 500 acres of planting area to try. At present, the new biology from the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences has hemp hemp Institute purchased M11 industrial hemp, M11 growth in the future 4 months, will monitor monitoring, recording and uploading the cultivation, the growth process of all the data, and these data will be uploaded to the block chain store.

 The 70 year old man with block chain technology for industrial hemp

(networking monitor picture provided by BAIC)

Can not miss hemp hot

From the Second Artillery Engineering Institute of the PLA Zhang Yuying, it can be said that the first person to promote the hemp plant China. From the beginning of 1996, Zhang Yuying from the army, has been engaged in Apocynum (a hemp crops) cultivation and promotion, today has been 23 years.

The beginning of the end of 2018, with the opening of Jilin, Heilongjiang industrial hemp planting news spread, industrial hemp stocks first rise, investors stampede in.

Now the investment circles meet, two topics are not open around, one is the electronic cigarette, the other one is industrial hemp.

Although it is nearly seventy years of age, Zhang Yuying did not want to miss this investment boom.

What is the “industrial hemp”? According to the March 1998 enactment of the “Regulations” of industrial hemp, hemp refers to any of the four tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content of less than 0.3% of the cannabis plant. In the two industrial hemp hemp phenol (CBD), anti spasm, anti anxiety, anti-inflammatory and other pharmacological effects, with high economic value, widely used in medicine, food, high-end industry.

After 23 years, the production and processing plant, created by Zhang Yuying has been Chinese Tianyi Jiahua in Western Xinjiang in apocynum. The main value lies in apocynum fiber, the economic efficiency is not too high. “Start empty-handed for 20 years, the company’s total assets was around 2 hundred million.”

Apocynum and compared in recent years began to highlight the economic benefits of industrial hemp. According to the Shanghai securities news, the global high quality CBD scarce industrial hemp extraction gross margin as high as 50%~60%, planting gross margin is 20%~30%. At present, the international market, the price of food grade CBD purity is more than 95% $4 to $14 / kg, the purity of 99.99% medical grade $100 / kg, more expensive than gold.

So far, China has been in Yunnan, Heilongjiang Province, two open industrial hemp plant, the policy level has also given strong support. For example, Heilongjiang Province promulgated the “hemp industry in Heilongjiang Province three years of special action plan (2018 – 2020)”. According to the securities China reports, 2019 Jilin is expected to become the third release of industrial hemp planting China province.

Industrial hemp good economic and policy support, let Zhang Yuying quite seductive, but still some concerns, because of industrial hemp in the process of operation, supervision is the unavoidable problem.

At present, Yunnan and Heilongjiang in the hemp seed cultivation, planting, processing, will introduce the Department of public security supervision. The reason is that the regulation contains THC ingredient in marijuana, in order to prevent the purification of industrial hemp residual THC after CBD was processed for recreational marijuana (contraband), Yunnan provincial Narcotics Control Commission will be responsible for on-site supervision and destruction of residue.

Zhang Yuying’s concern is this. Once in the marijuana business process problems, resulting in some THC to the market, is bound to affect their parent company (NASDAQ:TYHT) and SUNCOO’s reputation, and even bear criminal responsibility.

In addition to the Department of public security supervision, enterprises can have a good way of self regulatory risk reduction?

“Marijuana related data block chain chain, realize the planting and processing of transparency, so that enterprises can avoid unnecessary risks.” To Tianyi company needs to learn, BAIC networking data chain CEO on Yi found Zhang Yuying, male chain can be used to recommend their cannabis products traceability and production process supervision.

“I spent several days, finally persuaded the old block chain approach to solve the problem in the supervision of marijuana.” Tan Yi said, “poor junlingzhuang, if the blockchain data problems,” I come back the pot. “.”

At this point, Zhang Yuying finally reassured, decided to formally enter the industrial hemp, the establishment of the new company, Ma biological “and use the BAIC of industrial hemp block chain traceability chain network public technology.

The design of the origin of industrial hemp

BAIC (Bai Ke Yun), full name Blockchain of AI and IOT, is a joint between to promote AI equipment and data connectivity, intelligent hold contract to the center of the block chain technology platform.

This time, BAIC Beijing Eslite Traceability Technology Co. Ltd., provides a set of block chain traceability scheme for new kenaf cultivation, breeding, to early middle and late development processing sales. The core of the program is: the introduction of the person responsible for the machine and record.

 The 70 year old man with block chain technology for industrial hemp

(source program)

The first is the breeding information chain. The most important industrial hemp seed planting, the seed must be through the local government for the record. In addition, the content of CBD in seeds is also crucial.

New kenaf is currently using China Academy of hemp research medicinal type industrial hemp (after M11 was named the new Ma No. 1), “CBD content can reach 1.8% to 2.8%, far more than the” Yunma No. 7 “.” Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences Ma Research Institute Chen Wanquan told the Odaily Daily Planet said that higher CBD means more attractive planting and processing income, also means greater risk.

How to prevent the seeds from “switching” or other problems in the process of cultivation? BAIC program is to arrange the seeds from the cultivation to harvest all the information are recorded and registered on the chain, the authenticity of the information by the person in charge.

In cultivation, growth process, BAIC will set up monitors in planting field, can be real-time monitoring of temperature, humidity, wind and other climatic data, and the data synchronization chain.

“The test of 500 acres of marijuana to deploy a monitor is enough.” Talk about Yi explained, “later extended to 1 million mu, a corresponding increase in the number of monitors will.”

“Industrial hemp phototropism (Xi Guang) is relatively strong, but not waterlogging.” Ma Institute researcher Dr. Long Songhua explained that marijuana in the growth process, it is necessary to closely monitor changes in the environment. According to the data of planting personnel can timely improve the planting scheme, so as to improve the production of cannabis.

In industrial hemp processing process, BAIC will also yield CBD batch, hemp information and THC content by inputting input on the chain. “THC and CBD are associated, once was found on the two data are not consistent, can timely review, to prevent the THC into the market.” Talk about the interpretation of yi. In addition, the video monitoring processing site will be synchronized to the block chain.

In the end of the sales process, BAIC will processing enterprises, product component parameters and all the input on the chain transfer process.

These data chain have what use? The user through the Dapp or the blockchain browser can get all information of the product, all the data including all aspects of breeding, cultivation, growth and processing etc..” Talk about Yi said, will be based on the BAIC network of public data on the chain chain, can achieve open and transparent management, effectively protect the interests of investors, increase customer trust.

In addition, talk about Yi said that the chain information is also conducive to the public security department supervision. “Human is always the bottleneck of future marijuana demand, regulatory pressure will be greater. In this case, regulation is an attempt to use block chain, to provide an alternative scheme of public security department.”

Finally, the chain of information also facilitate investors’ decision making. “Investors can see you growing marijuana through these data, choose to do more short, this is also the traditional futures market investors need most.”

Block chain link to solve the growing pain point

Since 2018, the market continues to expand the scale of industrial hemp.

From the cannabis industry finance and strategy consulting firms Viridian Capital Advisors data show that in 2018, global cannabis company has raised nearly $13 billion 800 million, while in 2017 this figure was only $3 billion 500 million.

In addition, the cannabis industry continues to expand the scale of financing in 2018 a single round of financing from the average amount of $8 million 100 thousand in 2017 to $23 million 600 thousand.

Industrial hemp is hot, attracted many more capital to chase. In February this year, the Hong Kong stock company Meirui Health International (HK:2327) shares of industrial hemp extraction enterprises Chinese biotin, shares soared nearly 50%. By March 6th, Li Xiaolai served as director of the Hong Kong listed company (HK:01647) announced the male shore technology into industrial hemp, plan in 2019 in Heilongjiang Province, planting twenty thousand acres of industrial hemp.

However, the capital market hot problems did not cover the marijuana in the process.

“Planting is a pit.” In the cannabis industry in Yunnan Qiankun long-term partner Shi Deshan told the daily planet Odaily, because the cultivation of cannabis is from the hands of farmers to transfer land to the peasants, sometimes sold to sell seeds for the drinks.

But now, through the block chain enabling the hemp industry, can solve the problem. Because the field deployment of specialized personnel cultivation process monitor, whether farming, how to farm will be recorded on the chain, but also to avoid the emergence of the absence of management.

In addition, according to Shi Deshan, the need to pursue organic hemp products, seeking origin, so as to determine the legitimacy of products, to prevent the marijuana mixed market.

After the block chain traceability, each link data from the seed breeding to processing and purification are stored in the chain, can be very good for the products “scientist identify”.

“The combination of block chain and networking technology, traceability of industrial hemp, is indeed a worthwhile direction. “President Yuan Yuming CEO, China coin fire fire currency Institute also think so:” of course, the key is how to ensure the authenticity of the original information.”

According to the talk about Yi said, cannabis cultivation process of new Kenaf Industry, only as an independent third-party monitoring record.

“We have other business services, if fraud, others will never trust us. “Tan Yi said.

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