The 8 best bitcoin mining pool, you know which one.

Bitcoin mining is a process to verify bitcoin block chain transactions. You give up some (or all) computing power to help verify these matters, in return, you will receive a monetary reward encryption.

But it is difficult to separate mining. You may be better in the mining pool, where you can cooperate with other miners. In short, can be more frequent mining incentives, and then distributed among everyone.

Here are some of the best bitcoin mining pool. Although the “best” is a subjective term, but here is a list of the mining pool each has its own advantages.

The 1. best overall mining pool: F2Pool

F2Pool deal with a large number of bitcoin transactions on the network. At the time of this writing, the network hash rate of more than 9%, F2Pool is one of the largest mining pool. Based on Chinese, simple English interface that you don’t feel confused.

F2Pool Stratum mining protocol, the protocol used is Electrum wallet. Stratum supports the “thin client”, so if you like, you can mining – in low power hardware, but we do not recommend it, because any potential profits are very small.

F2Pool provides regular pay, pay a very low threshold, 0.001 BTC. The high cost of 4%, but if you like, can also mining Litecoin, Ethereum or Zcash. Profit every day will pay (let you reach the threshold of payment).

F2Pool support mining in ports 25 and 80. This makes it easier to bypass any ISP block or other firewalls prevent you from mining.

The 2. most popular mining pool: Slush Pool

Slush Pool 2010 is first put into use in mine pool. It consists of the manufacturer of the Trezor Satoshi Labs maintenance, this is one of the best bitcoin wallet.

Slush Pool is located in Czech Republic, is one of the best around the mining pool. With the cost of 2%, high reliability, two factor authentication, professional support, Slush Pool users to mining is not surprising than 1000000 bitcoin!

The formal name is “ Mining” Slush Pool is the first for the China market – but don’t worry, this is a very large swimming pool, there are a lot of English support. Moreover, Slush Pool has a long-term stability and reliability of the record in terms of payment. For these reasons, it is easy to see why so many people use and recommend Slush Pool.

3. the most simple mining pool: MinerGate

MinerGate a list with its support of a large number of coins. In the final statistics, there are 11: bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethernet Ethernet Fang Fang, classic, Zcash, bitcoin gold, Bytecoin, Monero, Monero original, Fantom coins and aeon. The server in the United states.

Because MinerGate has a downloadable GUI mining device, so it is one of the best amateur participation. You can run it on a laptop computer, without the need for special hardware ASIC. Of course, your expenses may not be great, but it is a good way to learn the ropes.

The GUI itself is beginner friendly. It lacks the complexity of other miners. Just tell the application you want to put the total number of computing power, MinerGate will be responsible for the rest.

The use of combined mining pool. This means that you can also tap a copycat coin and will not damage your bitcoin hash rate. It can also use your GUI and CPU to maximize your mining function, so as to maximize your profits.

4. the two big mining pool: Antpool

Antpool is the world’s second largest bitcoin mining pool. It currently accounts for about 14% of the total power of hash. The company is headquartered in China, but have a server in the world. You can use the Antpool mining bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethernet square.

Although Antpool’s impressive scale, but also have a negative impact: because the rewards are sharing more people in between, so the pay scale is usually less than its competitors some.

Antpool provides four reward types: PPS, PPS +, PPLNS and SOLO. If you use PPS or PPS +, every time you donate will receive immediate payment. (you can get paid. From statistics on the situation rather than the actual situation) PPLNS stands for “pay per N share.” It is based on your total number of shares of stock contribution percentage of your payment. (long term members. It is conducive to the swimming pool jumper) SOLO pay the entire block reward to dig its people.

The cost depends on you are mining token. For bitcoin, Antpool of PPS and PPS + SOLO charge 4%, charge 1%, PPLNS charges 0%. Other notable features include two factor authentication, e-mail alerts and wallet lock.

5. beginners best mining pool: KanoPool

Although there is a fairly basic website, but KanoPool is simple and easy to use. The registration is optional, but to provide further mining statistics. If you do not want to register, you need to provide only your wallet address.

The basic website clearly highlights the pooled required information, as well as various mining ports, even the miners configuration example. This pool does not support CPU or GPU mining, so if you want to join, make sure you have the necessary hardware.

The low costs of 0.9%, slightly more than 1000 users, KanoPool accounted for only bitcoin total network power 0.3% hash. However, these costs and generous spending means the KanoPool has a loyal users share. Even if not registered, you can also see the latest mining block.

The 6. best anonymous mining pool: CKPool

1% low cost, do not need to register, as well as other than swimming pool * greater spending potential, it is easy to understand why CKPool is highly valued by many people. Con Kolivas runs the website and pool, but if you want to first check carefully, you can read the code on Bitbucket.

This pool is not suitable for beginners. No user friendly web site or 24/7 support team. The site will tell you everything you need to dig, but if you’ve never done this before, you may have more questions than answers.

CKPool can quickly update the code to support the updated version of the bitcoin core. This will ensure that the use of any piece of mining pool have been fully verified, there will not be any dark business.

* if the mining in CKPool that block, you will retain the 99% Award (the other pool is not the case).

7. the cheapest mining pool: P2Pool

P2Pool was founded in 2011, is a “decentralized bitcoin mining pool”. This eliminates the risk pool owner to steal your money, and to help prevent the centralized – bitcoin bitcoin core this pool cannot decide the future.

P2Pool will never have your reward, so do not charge any fees, any piece of rewards can be paid directly to you immediately. Technically, this can be connected with any hardware pool, “the minimum hash rate threshold”. This change regularly, but if you want to get any real benefits, so it is recommended hash power. You can dig in the system not appropriate, just don’t expect to get a lot, if any.

P2Pool written in Python, and publicly managed in its GitHub store, has a team of more than 40 volunteer team. P2Pool has more than 1700 items and submit the bitcoin foundation and support of the Litecoin project, is a good substitute for centralized mining pool.

8. 3: ViaBTC mining pool

ViaBTC is a company headquartered in Chinese company, control the total capacity of 13% bitcoin hash. It offers three types of payment: PPS +, PPLNS and SOLO. Costs were 4%, 2% and 1%.

ViaBTC allows you to tap the nine kinds of encryption currency. You can choose bitcoin, bitcoin cash, Litecoin, Ethernet Ethernet Classic Fang Fang, Zcash, Dash, Monero, and Bitmark.

The mining pool also provides combined mining. If you are using bitcoin, you will also receive free Namecoin, Syscoin and Emercoin. Bitcoin cash miners will get free Syscoin and Litecoin, the miners will receive free Dogecoin.

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