The Abyss plans to launch DAICO, a new ICO mechanism will come out

nRunaway Comment: In view of ICO there are many risks, was opposed by many countries, some emerging companies have begun to seek better innovative ways of financing. The Abyss, the Next Generation Digital Distribution Platform, recently announced a new ICO called “DAICO” in February, a concept put forward by Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin to minimize risk and increase accountability, with the hope that To improve the token sales of this financing model.n
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The Abyss, a next-generation digital distribution gaming platform, announced on January 11 that it will launch its first DAICO funding model, an enhanced version of ICO combined with DAO. This new model, proposed by Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin earlier this month, is a more responsible ICO approach. The company’s DAICO plans to be held on February 7, 2018.n
Konstantin Boyko-Romanovsky, founder of the Abyss platform, said:n
n”DAICO offers a practical solution to changing security needs and is at the center of transparency with transparency, and we believe we have the ability to implement and grow Buterin, and our DAICO will be the link between fundraising and team motivation control The perfect bridge. “n
nDAICO model will allow investors to withdraw funds, you can also refund. DAICO’s design minimizes the risk of fraud, establishes the rules for participation and resolution, provides an option to close a project (in case the team can not successfully carry out such an activity) and excludes attacks on the voting process.n

The Abyss offers an improved voting system that Oracles will serve as arbitrator in the event of project closure and withdrawals. In order to provide some professional guidance, arbitrators may be selected from industry professionals who have a good reputation in related fields and the right to conduct opinion polls to close the project and return the remaining funds to investors.n
Boyko-Romanovsky added:n
n”DAICO is a new mechanism and there should be ways to further strengthen it while remaining flexible, transparent and secure .Oracle and specialized voting rules will do this effectively and reliably. Only project participants will be granted Voting Rights. Company and reserve tokens will not be eligible for participation under the control of a smart contract. We will use a proof of entitlement algorithm in the polls, but in order to avoid exchange participation, the voting weight of each Ethereum wallet will be Limited by a certain amount of tokens. “n
About The ABYSSn
The Abyss is the next generation digital distribution platform currently being created by Destiny.Games with the vision of creating a crypto-monetary rewards ecosystem for millions of gamers and developers. Founded in 2008, Destiny.Games has taken a fully-fledged strategy by issuing its own and third-party MMO games, including AAA titles. The company’s products include TERA: The Next, Botva Online, Music Wars, Moswar and many more.n

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