The accounting alliance and the regulatory agency jointly carry out the technological innovation of the block chain

nnnRampage commentary: accounting industry regulation more stringent, so many people think that the field is difficult to reach the block chain technology. However, representatives of Consen Sys, such as ConsenSys, have agreed that the global regulatory authorities already have the intention to monitor the block-chain accounting process, but it will take several years for the chain to enter the accounting industry.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nAccounting is often not seen as a field of innovation, but some of the world’s largest accounting firms want to prove that the industry is not excluded from the chain chain because of heavy regulation.n
nTo this end, the Accounting Blockchain Coalition announced the establishment of five working groups to guide the development of global accounting standards, through the development of plans to help regulators understand the chain chain in the industry’s potential.n
nOn June 22, Blockchain Accounting Audit and Taxation Conference (Blockchain Accounting Audit

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