The African revolution bitcoin and block chain nourish

The African revolution bitcoin and block chain nourish

Break the old ideas of oppression and domination of the African revolution led to a bloody battle picture of liberalism. But now, with no discrimination, not the exclusive bitcoin as a tool, the African millennials are free from financial repression.

The ordinary people of Africa if equipped with a smart mobile phone can be involved in the development of the ecological system, and profit from. But more than that, the enterprise wants to block chain technology for the enterprise upgrading alternative tool.

In the daily life of freedom

In order to enable the individual to enter the stock market, or investing in a company or creative, need not only to understand the process. The traditional money market long-term is the elite of the world, cleverly excluded people at different levels.

A more than 30 year old woman in Uganda on the outskirts of Kampala does not meet the requirements of savvy investors. However, bitcoin to all without exception, opened up the world.

The more than 30 ms PeaceAkware told the media:

“Every day I see my bitcoin, looking for any chance I can catch. One minute, one hour, at any time, as often as possible to pay attention to”.

Active alternative tool

Places like Uganda, New York this place alive than a lot of difficulties. Even for college graduates, employment is like winning the lottery, so many people looking for can ease the financial plight of alternative tools.

The so-called “sideline” is the source of daily life many people in poor countries, but they are often not successful, time-consuming and difficult. However, bitcoin provides an alternative tool, less time consuming, easy access, the risk is controllable.

Block chain energy

Some enterprises are using the block chain to cut costs and time, so as to resist difficulties and cruel workplace.

A company called BitPesa to transfer the company in the form of operation, to provide cross-border remittances, but not $medium, but bitcoin and convenient cross-border remittances.

The chief executive of BitPesa ElizabethRossiello explains why this with traditional banks from so effectively.

“In the past few months I was in Nairobi, there are three important problems to deal with the bank. And corresponding to the different bank of Kenya, but for different reasons are delayed or cancelled, the need for additional information. So the transaction almost spent 2.5 weeks, and I was an expert”.

Obviously, the banking system even in the best condition, also has become obsolete, bring a lot of unpleasant experiences, the banking system has some flaws in Africa, need to find alternative tools.

Bitcoin blockchain and education curriculum

Change in Africa and bitcoin block chain exists some problems, which have mentioned how to popularize the technical knowledge to the general public.

This makes some people into the bitcoin education industry.

A Kampala trader MartinSerugga opened bitcoin weekly course, currently the number of students 50 people.

His approach stems from people who say they seek employment and a desperate man.

“If not for the tens of thousands of graduates with University factory or enterprise post, so this is a substitute”.

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