The aliens to accept bitcoin payments, purchase discount of $150

The aliens to accept bitcoin payments, purchase discount of $150

DELL subsidiary, game maker PC Aliens (Alienware) announced the start of the day before accepting bitcoin payments.

The news on July 24th published in the official Twitter aliens. The company in addition to the integration of bitcoin, also provides a $150 discount for the use of digital currency paid by the customer, it is important to note that this offer is limited.

Aliens (Alienware) is a famous American machine manufacturers, Alienware products, are using the most high-end, top-level configuration in the industry, is synonymous with high-end, high-quality, and chassis avant-garde appearance, make Alienware products very popular DIYer welcome. In 2006 Alienware acquired by DELL, Alienware brand as a sub brand of DELL continue to operate.

Bitcoin merchant team in expansion

The same with DELL, aliens also choose to cooperate with the company bitcoin payment Coinbase, earlier this month, the alien parent company DELL has become by far the world’s largest companies to accept digital currency payment, DELL also offer a discount of 10% bitcoin payment.

Of course, DELL said the integration of bitcoin is to deal with the needs of the consumers and the request, DELL believes that digital currency provides an additional means of payment, they said:

“Bitcoin payment is a good example of innovation, we are always seeking innovation, so that it can ensure the competitiveness.”

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