The Apocalypse after the war: the worship of force and the collapse, is your faith still in it?

Yesterday, Macau tcong tweet said that in 2019 we will begin to teach people how to build a real SPV system (payment system). The mood is always confident.

And BTCABC’s “news spokesman” Jiang Zhuo has responded to micro-blog in micro-blog, and BCH (BTCABC) is the best bitcoin.

This is the seventeenth day after the battle of force. At present, the two chains have been running each other to stabilize the block. As of the publication, the price of BTCABC is $150, and the price of BTCSV is $87. At this point, the great war of calculation was at the end of the world.

But for our spectators, the doubt in the heart is still long: what is the existence of the force of calculation? If the force war is the two behemoths, then the centralization system is a false proposition. If anyone has enough financial resources to start a war of calculation, the system is in a precarious state. In the face of this situation, is there a need for “a tangible” hand in the world of block chain? How do we set up this “tangible hand”? This is a few questions that this article tries to discuss.

01 power hegemony

Before the battle of strength, Wu chill once wrote a sequence of “the beauty of power of calculation”, which was published by the quantum School of “everyone understand the block chain”. In this article, he combines the force of calculation with the philosophy of the universe and thinks that the universe tends to be disordered, and the significance of life lies in the establishment of a small order for the chaotic universe. Therefore, the most effective method is silicon based force when individual power can not reach its exhaustion.

“Power can be an effective means to the higher civilization of human beings.” “

“It’s more meaningful to have more power than to have money. “

“The force is beautiful…” Those unnamed western villages, those who had never been patronized in the industrial age, began to emit the “science fiction” light, which were scattered on the Dadu River in the Minjiang River tributaries, obsessed with the night of the Dalate flag in Ordos, and soundly sleeping in a small city in the Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture of Yili, Xinjiang… The scientific and technological civilization and the power of nature have reached a fusion through calculation. “

Wu Jian cold uses a series of parallelism sentences to rise to the height of human civilization and aesthetics.

In popular understanding, computational force means that the computer obtains sixty-four bits of hash value through a large amount of calculation, because there is no fixed algorithm and can only be randomly collided, so the faster the computing speed is, the greater the probability is, that is, the greater the calculation force is.

This idea of power worship is implemented in the real world. The bit continent is distributed in the mining pools in Yunnan, Guizhou, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang and other fields, as well as the ant mining machines that can be updated to the evolution of the integrated circuits in the past ten years. At present, the total calculation of its mineral pool has occupied 30% of the global total calculation force of bitcoin (once 53%), and the ant miner has also been the only choice for miners.

 The Apocalypse after the war: the worship of force and the collapse, is your faith still in it?

So, how romantic the universe can sound without a paper, and in the face of a holder with great power, there is a sense of unexplained fear in all of us. Some people even think of the existence of Wu cold and the existence of the bit continent as a “power hegemony”.

This “hegemony” is the most important experience of the power war two weeks ago.

In the evening, when the distance was less than half a little, CSW was far ahead of the force. As people thought CSW was going to win, the pool in the bit continent burst out suddenly, and its airborne force was higher than that of the whole BCH. According to the statistics known, the ABC camp is 3.4 times the sum of the total power of the BCH network. In theory, a little power from the BTC network can control the whole BCH. Therefore, it seems that it only seems to be in the mood to start 51% attacks.

Powerful forces are desirable, but they are often frightening. People worry that if there is no effective restriction mechanism, will it become naked violence when power is lost as a power? The most controversial of these is that the Huobi and mines sent BCH computing tasks to the BTC miners without the user’s knowledge. If some miners have stipulated only the specified currency in the contract, then this behavior involves unauthorized misappropriation, so is it a violence?

02 to the centralization of the collapse

The real concern for the industry is that when people see the collapse of “de centralization”, the illusion that the block chain brings people to the beautiful new world will eventually become a bubble.

The central community is famous for its freedom and equality, and any member of the community can dissenter, and can initiate a force attack as long as his power is large enough. In the BCH force war, the most impressive is the leasehold. The two sides fought this battle through high price renting mines and miners. So can we think that, with sufficient financial resources, we can launch a battle or direct 51% attacks through the leasehold force? Here we see the fragile side of the centralization system, known for its security.

It is easy to reminiscent of the “barbarians at the door” in the traditional financial world. In this way, once they look at a company, they sell securities to banks, fund companies, and insurance agencies around the world, and then quietly buy the company’s shares to gain control and sell it after a repackage. This game of snake swallowing is a direct cause of the 1987-1988 year financial crisis in the United States. Once there is an error in one of the links, the whole system will collapse.

But we also know that the traditional financial world has a pair of tangible hands that make a lot of restrictions on financial institutions, and in the center of the block chain world, the giant is completely free, at least in the mainstream of several block chain networks we have not seen such a mechanism.

In the view of vested interests and free market supporters, this is the result of the free market. “Free competition will eventually balance the price and supply and demand”, which is their rhetoric and basis. But the most obvious disadvantage of the free market is the giant and the monopoly, so it often requires a pair of tangible hands to limit the giant.

So, in the block chain community, does it also need a mechanism to “limit the giant”? In many of the projects reported in the Odaily daily, the underlying public chain ENTANMO is trying to solve the problem of overconcentration of power. In its consensus algorithm, the miner election system, each miner has an equal opportunity to get a vote, the number of votes into the 101, will become a mining node. But unlike the DPOS mechanism, it does not have a super node by periodic voting, that is to say, each block (every 303 seconds) will vote for a node again, and the selected node will account for a block, each of which is basically different, so there is no concept of supernode. In addition, the token held by each miner in the hands of the miners realized Nash equilibrium through the established algorithm mapping to prevent bribery and power from being too centralized. For example, a large miner with 1 million token and a small miner with 100 token may eventually vote 100 times the latter and not 10 thousand times the latter. This can, to a certain extent, suppress the giants and prevent them from having too much power. Not to say that ENTANMO’s technical scheme is feasible, but it is a valuable discussion in restricting the overconcentration of the giant’s way of power.

03 double hard fork, three new gameplay

Another thing to think about is that this is not the first branch of the BCH. What’s the difference between the fork and the fork of the bitcoin and the ether square? It is interesting to know the analysis of RAPOO in ancient soil. He thought the bifurcation started the “double hard fork”. Because according to the original plan, BCH will be upgraded from version 0.17 to version 0.18, and the two versions are incompatible, so it is called hard branch. At the time of upgrading, the miner upgraded the 0.18 version, the miner continued to run version 0.17, and finally dug out two different versions of BCH, each independent, which was the standard plot of hard bifurcations. The 0.17 version of BCH is the original chain, and the 0.18 version is a new chain.

But this time the hard branch, out of a BCH SV 0.1 version, it is not compatible with the original chain Bitcoin ABC 0.17 version protocol, also incompatible with the new chain Bitcoin ABC 0.18 version. So at least three versions of the protocol are running at the time of hard bifurcations, that is, version 0.17, version 0.18, and SV 0.1. But because the 0.17 version of the calculation is small, it can not survive. So in fact, the miners are divided into two batches, a batch of 0.18 versions, and a batch of SV 0.1. So this is a “double hard bifurcate”. It is the competition between the two different escalation routes, not the old and the new.

Palaeo RAPOO analysis, which is technically, there is no need for both sides to choose to fork in the same time. The SV 0.1 version is completely available at any time, with sufficient power to upgrade the excavation directly, to produce this new version of the chain, and to choose any node before and after the 0.18 version of the upgrade. This was the case for BCH, who picked up a day and then launched a hard branch upgrade to BTC, which was later used by other coins for dozens of times.

Then why are the two sides of the enemy very “tacit” and choosing to fork out at the same time? The ancient earth RAPOO believes that it is mainly implied in the “original chain priority” idea of bitcoin.

Before the 0.18 upgrade, start the upgrade SV 0.1, then the other is still running the 0.17 version, the 0.17 version is the original chain, the original chain is still alive, SV 0.1 out of the new chain, who is the authentic BCH? In addition to the force factor, the original chain that has a longer time is easier to win. If then, the 0.17 version is not upgraded temporarily, its authentic status is consolidated, and after a period of time, it will be inherited to the 0.18 version.

In another case, after the 0.18 upgrade, the initiating power upgrade SV 0.1, the same, 0.18 upgrades first, is the original chain, the existence of a longer history. The best choice is to trigger the SV camp at the same time, no matter what the choice is before, so the best choice is to trigger at the same time, a block is not a difference, which is also convenient for the code Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V. So the first “double hard bifurcations” occurred in the history of bitcoin. Both sides gave up the old chain at the same time and gave birth to two new chains. “Two false godies are fighting for the Goku.”

“This is a new way of playing, the first, the coin circle will start to learn this trick, when a coin to be hard to fork, at the same time, a” double hard branch “, Double (Shuang Fei), even Triple (San Fei)… Play to fly. ” He said.

In this case, it feels like a system’s physiological period, fragile and unable to withstand any virus attacks. Since the bifurcations are the only way to upgrade the system, it is necessary to discuss how to avoid such a “physiological period attack” or how to regress the power of the giant.

Finally, when we talk about the impact and significance of the force war, some people use World War II to give examples.

“In the central community, the differences of consensus are unavoidable, and the end of the divergent communities can be better developed. Just as after World War II, the world economy was more vibrant, and the houses destroyed during the Second World War and the shortage of clothing all led to the post-war economic development. ” This is the view of a person in the industry that we have come into contact with.

The post-war economic activity was more active, but it was all the things that were destroyed by the war. For example, after the war, the market capitalization of the two kinds of BTCABC and BTCSV currencies is much smaller than the market value of pre war BCH. And in this battle, according to Jiang Zhuer, it costs 100 million yuan a day at most, and one week is 700 million… In addition, the current bear market 2 is related to the panic caused by the BCH bifurcation. Assuming that the battle of force does not occur, the funds consumed can be used to invest in R & D and community development. So no matter how hard the two community struggled to flourish after the war, it was just trying to revive the state of the war.

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