The Australian ATM has increased from 20 units to 500 units

nnnIn Australia: Staraco and Digital X, Australia’s local financial technology companies, combined with customized ATM software and special APIs to improve the standard ATM purchase and sales capabilities. After the number of ATMs in Australia will increase exponentially. And Bitcoin has gained legal monetary status in Australia.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nAustralia’s two local financial technology companies to make two-way ATM will increase to 500 units.n
nStargroup and Digital X, the custom ATM software runtime will combine special APIs to improve the Star 142 standard ATM bitcoin purchase and sales functions.n
nOnce completed, the number of ATMs in full domestic operation will increase from 20 units.n
n”This development may be applicable to other encrypted currencies and are globally promoted,” said Todd Zani, chief executive of Stargroup, at a press conference.n
nAustralia is relatively quiet in the ATM industry, the United States has been immersed in the competition, manufacturers want to launch dozens of ATM during the year, monopoly market.n
nThis marks the confidence of Digital X, the company in June from the local Union Blockchain Global received $ 4.35 million investment.n
nChief Executive Officer Leigh Travers said:n
nn”We see this opportunity as a good time for ordinary Australians to get encrypted money.”n
nnAt the legislative level, Australia has officially begun to regulate the encrypted currency, the last month to recognize the legal status of bitco currency.n

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