The Australian Bitcoal Exchange raised A $ 815,000 in Round A financing

nnnIn Australia: A, a, has now completed A round of financing, raising A $ 815,000, more than its expected amount. It is reported that these funds will be used to expand overseas business and increase the platform of digital currency types. At the same time, the Australian government also earlier this year to cancel the provisions of the special currency transactions, showing the improvement of the market environment.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nIt is reported that a special currency exchange in Australia in the A round of investment to raise A $ 815,000.n
nAccording to Business Insider, in Melbourne received funding from Alium Cpital and Dominet Venture Partners. The new funds will be used to expand the company’s overseas operations in the UK and Canada. Its founder and chief executive officer, Rupert Hackett, told the media that the funds would also allow it to add other digital currencies on the platform, including the currency and currency.n works with its domestic retail finance company to provide online and physical Bitstream exchange services in Australia. The report shows that its final fund-raising amount is higher than originally planned, it originally planned to raise only A $ 500,000 in development funds.n
nAlium Capital partner Rajeev Gupta said in a statement that the investment will help his business to further reach the rapidly growing digital money sector.n
nHe said:n
nn”We believe Rupert and’s team provide a platform for managing the 21st century assets in Australia.”n
nnPrior to this financing, Australian regulators have taken steps to improve the development environment of digital money start-ups, especially earlier this year, when regulators finally decided to revoke the controversial policy of imposing “double taxes” on the purchase of bitcoin Then
nAccording to earlier reports this year, the Australian Treasury has canceled the provision for goods and services tax, and the Australian government is aware that the move will boost the country’s digital money business.n

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