The Australian Exchange has called for a review of a distributed book clearing platform

nnnOn the settlement: On the settlement system upgrade, the Australian Stock Exchange from the beginning of 2016 began a series of processes and discussions, especially with the digital asset holdings to discuss the possibility of using distributed books platform. Compare the technical characteristics to the trade expectation. According to the plan, the end of this year is the final decision of the automatic implementation of the deadline. In any case, before the exchange is still a careful review of the technology, in the absence of a decision before the use of traditional programs do not rule out the possibility.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nThe Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) will soon decide whether to become the world’s first global stock exchange with a distributed book clearing system, or whether to make more traditional upgrades.n
nAn analysis and media briefing said that although everything was planned to move towards a decision on the December deadline, there were some issues that needed to be considered. Before using the distributed book system, Deputy Chief Executive Officer Peter Hiom said ASX is currently planning a review of the technology, “especially the encryption features of the platform.”n
nIn the 2017 fiscal year, the financial results review meeting, Hiom said that the information collected by third parties in the test will be used to determine whether the block chain technology has been used in one of the world’s largest exchanges.n
nn”This allows us to test the functionality of the solution to meet enterprise-class business and technical requirements, including speed, scalability, security and persistence.”n
nnIn addition to the recent upgrade, since January 2016, the Australian Exchange has carried out a series of upgrades, when ASX began for the first time with the portfolio company Digital Asset Holdings (Digital Asset Holdings) to analyze whether the distributed account platform can meet the exchange Equity settlement requirements.n
nHiom and AFC CEO Dominic Stevens list the features expected to include cost reductions and create new, more easily replicable products, some of which seem to depend largely on the amount of data that transactions are transferred to shared distributed books.n
nHiom said the progress of these measures was “satisfactory”, while Stevens described the relevant work as a possible source of future value for the exchange.n
nn”The more we survey, the more potential we see the technology in a large number of applications.”n
nEmergency plan n
nIf ASX chooses Digital Asset technology, a series of new systems will be available for “market consultation” in March next year, but it can not be asserted in the future.n
nAlthough Stevens did not say the other options to consider, but in answering the audience question, he said that if Digital Asset’s technology was not suitable, the exchange would be willing to accept other more traditional solutions.n
n”We will take the software provider’s more classic answer to the provider of clearing services,” but that technology has great potential.n
nn”If we do not go that way, there will be other ways, we will have a very rich information book.”n

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