The Australian Securities Investment Commission may run a chain-chain regulatory node

nnIn order to strengthen the various functions within the organization, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission announced the “2017-2020 data strategy” for the next three years, data collection and sharing of use to do the planning. The plan includes whether to consider using the “regulatory node” to observe and collect data from the block chain network. While better able to regulate the relevant industry participants.n
nTranslation: Annie_Xun
Australian securities regulators explore how to add block-chain technology to a larger data strategy.n
The Australian Securities and Investments Commission published the 2017-2020 Data Strategy (Data Strategy 2017-2020), which describes the organization’s plans to “collect, share and use data” over the next few years. The plan is part of the “One ASIC” project, which aims to strengthen the linkages between the different functional departments of the regulatory body.n
An important part of the report is that the ASIC will explore the use of so-called “supervised nodes” that use the nodes to observe and collect data from the chain-chain network. Although the document does not elaborate on the clear strategy in the field, it reveals the ASIC’s interaction with such systems.n
Explanation of file:n
n”We will explore options for receiving and accessing data, including the use of distributed books to supervise nodes”.n
nAlthough there is no explicit link-block technology, ASIC files reveal the desire to create “data assets and existing data registers”.n
The agency said the purpose is to determine the “unified view of regulatory objects”, while the regulatory node network to help achieve that goal.n
In recent months, Australia has been actively analyzing and resolving issues surrounding block chain technologies. In June, the government released two reports on how to monitor and how to use the technology.n

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