The Bank of England or in 2018 issued “Bitcoin digital currency”

nBankruptcy comment: According to the British “Telegraph” reported that the Bank of England or will launch in 2018 the country’s “digital Bitcoin currency.” And this central bank, which has a history of more than 300 years, set up a research department as early as in 2015 to start studying cryptocurrency-linked national cryptocurrencies. From this report, it seems that this process has made a breakthrough. According to the media, the central banker, Mark Carney, confirmed that Bitcoin and its underlying technologies are indeed areas of active concern and is currently discussing with multinational central banks on the issue of national digital money.n
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Bank of England or issue encrypted currency in 2018n

Venezuela launched Petro digital currency. Russia is studying crypto rubles. Then there will be Britcoin this British cryptocurrency it? Or Ukoin? Robert Mendick, chief executive of The Telegraph, gives a positive answer to the reader. Mendick reports that Bank of England Governor Mark Carney “told the Treasury Select Commission before Christmas that he had discussions with central banks in other countries about the issue of digital money. “n

Mark Carneyn
The 52-year-old governor Carney is the first foreign governor of the Bank of England ever. Carney used to be Bank of Canada Governor and worked for more than a decade at Goldman Sachs. Just a few days ago, Carney confirmed that bitcoin was “an active area of ​​concern” and that what seemed to be the most interesting seemed to be its underlying delivery mechanism to centralize the distributed ledger. He said bitcoin’s retail potential is beyond its grasp, telling British lawmakers that “the technology will not end up being financially stable at the mercy of these financial stability and you will be in the best position for financial stability, and Save a lot of computing energy intensity. “n
He went on to describe the Bank of England’s study of Bitcoin as “very aggressive, but also fairly disciplined, and if we were to apply them at the heart of the system, we needed to achieve a five-sigma quality rating.”n
Research cryptocurrenciesn
His final commentary may have laid the groundwork for the exclusive coverage of the Telegraph, “Today my speech on this topic may not be applicable after six months because things are going too fast.” Indeed, The British newspaper started its report on the subject by stating: “The Telegraph understands that the Bank of England is set to release its digital currency plan similar to Bitcoin in 2018.”n
And early next year will continue to hold a meeting to discuss this, he confirmed: “I have been involved with many major central banks on the issue of central bank-backed digital currencies in the discussion.” And just this summer, the Bank of England use of the area Blockchain technology was tested to see if this technology could be used for clearing between central banks. The result of the test is successful. It was reported that he explained to Treasury Select Committe:n
n”In fact, this basic technology is quite interesting, and we in the Bank of England are working on this technology.”n
nLast spring, the Bank of England commissioned Dr. George Danezis at the University College London to design a cryptocurrency that was state-sponsored and run. As a result, RS Coin was born, and due to its involvement in the banking sector, the currency did bring about many of the automation-related efficiencies: the central bank can effortlessly control the supply of money at any time and can undoubtedly determine the circulation In the amount of money.n

George Danezisn
Although Cagney may think the Bank of England’s digital tokens have the potential to be used for transactions between central banks, the Telegraph report said that “the research department set up by the bank is studying the possibility of launching sterling-linked cryptocurrencies Sex. “It is hard to imagine that traditional retail banks would agree with this possible realization because it is bound to push them to an end. Traditional banking is unable to survive in a world of friction-free, hands-on trading of assets such as real estate and cars.n

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