The Bank of England tested Reynolds Interledger in cross-border payments

nnnIn the wake of the story, the Bank of England and Rebeck’s chain-chain concept proved the latest news, and in the multiple proof proofs of the Reynolds Interledger, we used the block chain to synchronize the two currency transactions in different settlement systems and As a starting point to study the issue of market liquidity. Future block chain settlement systems may be compatible with RTGS systems.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nThe Bank of England has released the latest proof of concept (PoC) with the distributed book business company Ripple.n
nThe Bank of England released a number of financial technology PoC, including the Reynolds Interledger protocol test, the purpose is to achieve different distributed books between the system transactions.n
nThe test took place mainly in cross-border transactions, “two different currencies in two different RTGS (real-time settlement system) simulation system at the same time”, with the block chain to make two transactions settlement synchronization.n
nAccording to the briefing, the central bank will be the test as a starting point to investigate the liquidity problem.n
nn”The challenge of cross-border payments to the wholesale market is different from that of retail and corporate transactions, which is a solution to the problem, and liquidity is one of the challenges that PoC has allowed the central bank and Rebok to start exploring these issues.”n
nnThe central bank pointed out that other tests will be conducted in this area, “to expand the understanding of the concept of synchronization.”n
nLast year, the central bank launched a financial technology start-up company accelerator, in order to test the block chain and other new technologies, the relevant solution testing has been carried out for several months. Despite the current lack of immediate replacement for internal infrastructure planning and licensing, the central bank that the next RTGS system will be compatible with the block chain technology.n

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