The Bank of France began to participate in the study of bitcoin related technology

The Bank of France began to participate in the study of bitcoin related technology

Another banking giant – France Bank of Paris also follow the Industrial Bank, announced that their technical research began to participate in bitcoin and block chain. According to media reports, the bank giant expects bitcoin reverted to its own currency to the fund.

With the rapid development of the Internet financial trends, bank bosses were forced to accept the influence of the Internet, began to accept bitcoin technology, virtual digital technology and the Internet financial money, so this news release is not surprising.

Due to the bitcoin money transfer service is simple enough, rapid, cost-effective and high safety, it has been regarded as a threat to traditional banking and financial institutions. Banks are learning view bitcoin technology to achieve cross continent transfers and interbank transfer of funds between, in order to keep up with the pace of the development of bitcoin technology.

French Paris bank spokesman recently confirmed that the financial institutions are involved in the testing of virtual currency based electronic applications. The Bank of Paris will soon announce its development process.

The spokesman said: “we are learning to observe the blockchain technology, and how it is used in the transaction process, so as to make the transaction more convenient and cheap. But it is still in testing, and not on the line. “

French Paris bank analyst Johann Palychata recently published an article, is an example of progress on bitcoin technology, and how to get rid of the current financial industry business redundancy. This article was published in the magazine, but it has been questioned by some people in the vertical industry.

Earlier this week, French bank recruitment is bitcoin, financial technology and professional knowledge in the field of the IT block chain developers, which implies that SocGen is vigorously research and development bitcoin technology, to meet the growing needs of the business of banking in Japan before.

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