The Barclays Bank reached an agreement with the Safello test will bitcoin Technology

The Barclays Bank reached an agreement with the Safello test will bitcoin Technology

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In a Safello and bitcoin exchange agreement, the bank said it will explore how to strengthen the financial services industry chain block technology.

In an interview with coindesk Frank, Schuil Safello’s chief executive, said Barclays’s decision reflects the attitude of traditional financial industry is changing:

“If a bank and bitcoin company signed a proof of concept, this may mark is not of an age, I don’t know what it means, but their attitudes are changing, and this kind of change happen very quickly.”

The decision is put forward at the accelerator demonstration conference in london. Safello is a member of the Barclays Bank in thirteenth weeks of 10 FinTech startup accelerator program in.

It is reported that, in the startup accelerator program, will be the Barclays Bank guidance and tool support, Safello also got partner TechStars 20 thousand pounds of seed money.

Schuil the program described as mutual learning between Barclays and Safello, although the specific details of the proof of concept is still under wraps, he said:

“Our target group is the millennial generation, banks are difficult to reach, and we are doing things with technology, banks need to know,” he said, adding: “by the way, we are between the traditional financial world and bitcoin to build a bridge.”

While participating in other six start-ups, including the blockchain diamond tracker Everledger Allegedly, the company is exploring opportunities and Barclays Bank “”.

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