The Beijing mutual Gold Association issued “risk tips on preventing criminal activities in the name of STO”; the classic development team of the Tai Fang ETCDEV was closed for financial difficulties.


Beijing City gold mutual association: on behalf of the STO implementation of the risk prevention of illegal and criminal activities

Today, the Beijing Internet Financial Industry Association issued “risk tips on preventing criminal activities in the name of STO”. Recently, the association found that some organizations or individuals continue to engage in activities such as publicity training, project introduction and financing transactions in the name of STO (the issuance of securitized tokens). The association solemnly reminds all relevant agencies and individuals of the city that all financial services should be included in the supervision. STO suspected of illegal financial activities, should strictly abide by the state laws and regulatory provisions, immediately stop all kinds of publicity and training, project introduction, financing and other activities on STO. Institutions and individuals suspected of illegal violations will be severely punished by displacing, closing the site and moving APP, and revoking their business licenses.

Digital currency

Bloomberg: the recent plunge in bitcoin has made at least 100 thousand miners shut down

One of the consequences of the recent bitcoin slump may have a profound impact on the main encrypted currency. According to Autonomous Research LLP, at least 100 thousand miners have been shut down. Fundstrat Global Advisors LLC estimates that about 1 million 400 thousand servers have been closed since the early September. When the price of bitcoin is over $4500, most miners will make a profit. But since November 19th last year, bitcoin has not exceeded that level.

The report: the “whale” address has accumulated nearly tens of millions of ETH this year, the largest in history

The latest Diar report from the research institute points out that the 2018 “giant whale” address has accumulated more ETH than any other time in history. As of 11 months this year, the “whale” address has accumulated nearly 10 million ETH; the top 500 addresses have a total of 20 million ETH (about $2 billion 300 million), close to 20% of the total flux of ETH. Diar speculates that the growth of ETH holdings is mainly due to the withdrawal of investors from ERC-20 holding. In addition, although the ETH net flow rate was $1 billion in 2018, 90% of the funds came from the first quarter of 2018.

The report: the net value of the grayscale bitcoin investment trust was lower than $1 billion for the first time, but the number of BTC deposits was recorded.

Diar’s recent data show that the net value of the GBTC of Grayscale, the BTC investment trust company, is under $1 billion for the first time this year. Although the net value of the fund has declined, but the number of bitcoin deposits has a record. It is reported that GBTC is currently holding more than 203 thousand bitcoins, slightly higher than the circulation supply of 1% of the bitcoin. In addition, the report pointed out that record capital inflows led to record holdings of bitcoin equivalents, which rose slightly in December compared with last month.

EOS refreshes one year low

Coinmarketcap quotes showed that EOS reported $2.44 and a 24 – hour decline of 13.89%, refreshing for more than a year.

Block chain industry

The China Electronics Society issued “the training standard for the technical talents of block chain”

At the 2018 international block chain meeting recently sponsored by the people’s Government of Changsha, the China Electronic Society and the China Electronic Information Industry Group Co., Ltd., the China Electronics Society issued the “training standard for regional chain technology talents” at the meeting. It has introduced the distribution arrangement of the block chain technical personnel and the proposal of the subject training content system, which guides the talent training and ability testing of the block chain technicians in the whole country in the future.

Report: more than 50% of British block chain companies have difficulty in opening bank accounts

According to the UK block chain industry development report issued by Digital Catapult recently, there are more than 260 distributed accounting companies in the UK, of which 54% reflect difficulties in opening bank accounts; 45% need legal advice; 71% have generated revenue; 74% already have products ready to fall; only 4.5% of the companies have implemented ICO, 80% start their own business with their own funds, and 41% have traditional seed wheel financing.

Broker: block chain and other gimmick components too big technology is not suitable for the founder board

Close to the Shanghai Stock Exchange revealed that the grand probability of January 2019 will release the methods and rules for the implementation of the board. It will start the work of the board before June 2019, and will be able to accept the declaration material of the enterprise at the fastest or in 3-4 month of 2019. “The technology in some fields, such as block chains, has not been formed, nor is it suitable for the board,” said a coupon merchant in Shanghai.

The classic development team, ETCDEV, is closed for financial difficulties

ETCDEV, the ETC development team, published twitter, said the company would stop operating as the market fell and the company was tight.

Global policy

A spokesman for the government of the Malta: a joint statement by the government of Malta and the six EU countries to sign the block chain technical cooperation

Silvio Schembri, the primary Minister of financial services, digital economy and innovation, Malta’s prime minister’s office, said, “the Malta government has signed a joint statement on block chain technical cooperation with the 6 EU members of France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece and Cyprus.”

Singapore government agency: supporting the block chain accelerator project

The Singapore enterprise development bureau (Enterprise Singapore) is currently supporting a block chain accelerator project named Tribe accelerator. TRIVE Ventures, an early Southeast Asian Vc firm, announced on Tuesday that it was collaborating with the Korean ICON foundation and PWC Singapore venture capital center to launch the accelerator.

Japan will take measures to stop the tax evasion of encrypt currency transactions

According to people familiar with the matter, the Japanese government will set up a system to prevent tax evasion by people who earn huge profits from encrypt money transactions and share the economy. The system will allow the State Administration of Taxation (NTA) to ask transaction intermediaries to provide information on customers suspected of tax avoidance in such transactions. The ruling coalition will incorporate the establishment of the system into the tax reform outline of the 2019 fiscal year. According to the income tax law, profit obtained from a virtual currency transaction is a miscellaneous income. The wage earners who have a salary of more than 200 thousand yen a year must declare their income.

A character.

Ho: it is a cheater who claims to be responsible for the coin or “have a way” to ask you to pay the money.

The coin an co – founder he wrote on the micro-blog platform and said, “it is a cheater who claims to be responsible for the coin or” have a way “to ask you to pay the money. Reginald Sinkler, Tony Muller, etc. are listed in the picture. “

Jiang Zhuo: when the activity of the coin circle is least, it begins with the bull market

“The more people in the news review see 3000, 2000, or even more than $900, the more the bottom is,” the CEO Jiang Zhuo of the ore pool said in a comment on micro-blog platform. According to 2014-2015 experience, although the coldest (least active) circle is at the end of 2015, the lowest price of the coin is at the beginning of 2015, the lowest price of panic. The price of the first coin is the lowest, the popularity is reduced, and the activity is the lowest. Finally, the bull market begins. “

Chairman of the Russian Duma gold Committee: the government supported stable currency is equivalent to the digital currency.

Anatoly Aksakov, chairman of the Russian State Duma Financial Market Committee, has confirmed that the government supported stable currency is necessarily equal to the digital field, which is operated by the country. It’s basically a digital encrypted ruble. Once the block chain has begun to occupy a relevant position in the Russian industry and economy, the encryption of the ruble or the “ruble in the block chain” will replace the French currency.

John McAfee responded to the rumor of a call to SEC: it was real news on 2016, and the reason for the summons was unrelated to me and the company.

Previous Twitter users said that John McAfee was summoned by SEC, and John McAfee responded on tweet today, and SEC called a 2016 message, and it was not related to me and the company. “SEC summoned me in 2016,” he said. It has nothing to do with me and my company, but about a shareholder. We have to admit that we have been summoned, but we can not disclose the specific content according to the law. It is believed that the New York stock exchange has abandoned us and the shareholders have lost millions of dollars. And that’s the power of SEC. “

ETC official: ETCDEV is one of the development teams, and the other development teams are still working.

ETC tweet said that the ETC development team included IOHK, ETC Co-op, ETC Laps, ETCDEV and many volunteers, and not just the ETCDEV team being maintained, hoping that the community would remain calm.

V God: the user interface of many DApp is very poor and it is difficult to find a user

Vitalik Buterin, in a speech at London’s Imperial College London, acknowledged that so far, many of the DApp’s user interfaces are so poor that it is difficult to find users. He was exploring whether the ether workshop could support them by expansion.

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