The biggest bubble crash in history? Bitcoin in less than a year fell nearly 80%, evaporation 1 trillion

The concept of bitcoin is proposed by Nakamoto in the beginning, most of the countries can be used to exchange currency, can be used to purchase virtual goods, also can buy real goods, in 2010, a bitcoin prices only 0.25 cents in 2014, when Jo Manchin asked the U.S. government bitcoin the ban, in January 2017, Chinese three bitcoin trading platform to exchange fees, by the end of 2017, bitcoin prices over $20 thousand, but in 2018 November 21st, bitcoin prices fell below $4100, a 13 month low, which makes a lot of people fear.

2017, bitcoin special fire, many people are added to the fried bitcoin ranks, in bitcoin fired when the highest price, the price of a three bedroom 100 bitcoin value is equivalent to the Shenzhen 10, a bitcoin value is equivalent to a Mercedes S500 top with the price, but in the past month, the currency plunged more than 30%, the last 24 hours fell more than 17%, the market price of bitcoin evaporated 1.6 trillion yuan from the highest point of the year 2017.

This is the collapse of the rhythm? Many netizens said bitcoin short-term investment risk, long-term holders will have a big surprise, 15 years of contact with friends, now income is one hundred times that of investment. Some netizens said they earn a lot of money, yes, money when turn a lot, but I just don’t know what the future would be phenomenon. Bitcoin rose to a lot of people to learn, now on the market there are many with the blockchain signs imitate bitcoin, bitcoin prices rise too fast, the formation of bubbles do not know can not have a solution, bitcoin prices will not fall, those products imitate bitcoin needless to say.

I heard Buffett Warren is not watching the bitcoin, bitcoin is a popular concept, almost no one has heard, there are a lot of people in the investment, but Buffett seems to have made it clear that it is just a bubble, Buffett think that buying a house or farm that as investment, and the purchase of bitcoin does not produce anything people buy, only hope that when he wanted to sell a higher price to buy, this is a gamble, does not belong to investment. Before January of this year, Buffett predicted bitcoin will appear “bad ending”. “But what was bad ending”, he is not clear.

See bitcoin fell on the news, do not know how to buy bitcoin friends think that I think bitcoin bubble is too big, and do not work to dream of getting rich, strong.

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