The birth of the first bitcoin fund

The birth of the first bitcoin fund

Bitcoin investment is a highly speculative virtual currency, virtual currency project — many experts said that investors should bear the risk in their range of virtual currency investment. But some analysts think This, the newly established fund can make the digital currency more widely accepted by investors. In order to achieve this goal, the fund also needs to make more efforts.

Now there was a moment of concern – the price of bitcoin digital currency fund to the fund, if you hold an online brokerage account, you can buy the stock. However, for The process may be very troublesome.

In April, known as the bitcoin Investment Trust Fund (Bitcoin Investment Trust) began in the United States over the counter market (OTCQX) transactions, stock code GBTC.

It is not the exchange traded index fund. (the first official bitcoin exchange traded Index Fund – the clervaux Speeter currency trust, the securities and Exchange Commission is After verification of the application).

The shortage of shares

In addition to the investor attitude to the electronic currency, bitcoin investment trust is still trying to overcome some problems. On the one hand, the fund’s stock trading there is a considerable premium In July a number reached 19%. This is mainly because the fund development from a private trust company.

Private investors can trust in 12 months after their shares sold will hold up. Since the beginning of May 4th, but the stock can only be sold gradually. The shortage of shares in a certain extent To enhance its market value.

However, Lucia hope all the stock can be sold before September, resulting in a so-called “critical mass”, or as much as possible will be the price of the stock fund and bit Close to the money market.

The fund transaction cost is also very high, 2%. Moreover, it will soon be a competition with winklevoss. At present, the Stockholm stock exchange, NASDAQ (Nasdaq) launched A bill of exchange, to track bitcoin price trends.

However, from the view of investors, many senior managers think that the fund is a fragile high risk products.

“I think bitcoin Trading Fund for bitcoin transactions and fund is very significant,” said Marshall, Eric? He is Hawkins capital management companies in Dallas investment portfolio Manager. “Now, everything has traded fund.”

Stimulate interest?

In spite of this, many analysts still believe that the fund can stimulate some for bitcoin investment interest, like ten years ago, gold ETF (Gold ETFs) the establishment of the same.

Gil? Is Wade Bush Luria securities company (Wedbush) of the securities analyst, in the early development of the bitcoin market he joined, he witnessed the development of bitcoin has become a main force of the financial The establishment of step – bitcoin investment trust. Recently there are a lot of milepost significance of the event: New York Financial Services Bureau decided itBit Trust management Co. – a small bitcoin Exchange; and Goldman Sachs Group was announced bitcoin in the future financial development strategy.

“The United States counter market list is a big step forward,” said lucia. “It makes at least a bitcoin agency equity applies to all institutions and individual investors.” Everyone 可以直接购买比特币,但是这需要使用专业的安全软件交易。

In November 2004, the world’s largest gold ETF Fund (SPDR Gold Shares) was founded, gold futures trading at about $400 an ounce. Then, the fund has become a popular hot gold A part of, and after seven years, prices have gone up 5 times. “Historically, investors will try to control the direct purchase and access to the expense of gold,” Cameron Clay Voss said this?, He was one of the founders of the clervaux Speeter money trust. “We believe that for bitcoin and bitcoin exchange traded funds, many investors will have the same attitude.”

Compared with gold, because is in the peak period, plus the direct sale is not good control, so bitcoin very unstable. Moreover, the bitcoin market than the gold market to 2004 Many underdeveloped. Of course, we believe that the better prospects bitcoin. Recently, Goldman Sachs Group conducted a survey of 752 Millennium Cohort results showed that: Nearly 50% of people said they are using bitcoin, bitcoin will continue to hold. He also said, whether personal or business, the world has more than 100 thousand merchants to accept the use ratio Bitcoin payment.

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