The bitcoin slump has dragged a number of digital currencies down to 80% this year

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After a slight rebound yesterday, bitcoin prices are falling in. According to Chinese fund news, the latest market, bitcoin prices have dropped to $3264 and there is a downward trend. To the end, bitcoin prices had soared to $17000 a year, did not expect the landing so large, bitcoin prices fell to 80% years.

After the crash, the coin ring has collapsed Empire myth. Not only investors into a panic, the market is also filling machine into the state of depression, clearance sale. Even many coin circle chiefs have also announced the retirement, ready to switch.

In addition, other digital currencies have also been implicated, have begun to fall. According to the latest data show that, as the etheric Fang reboxetine currency in the last 24 hours fell by 1.4% and 1.3%. As of press time, the price has dropped to $86.33 in the etheric fang.

For the encryption of money market collapse, analysts said the main reason is the bitcoin cash (BCH) caused by hard bitcoin selling lead to bifurcation. Of course, the tighter regulation and global investor panic is one of the reasons. Bloomberg analyst Mike McGlone said that the future of bitcoin or will the price fell to $1500.

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