The BitcoinFRENZY plan is giving bitcoin

The BitcoinFRENZY plan is giving bitcoin

Irish bitcoin startups Bitex ready in June this year, held an interesting but informal activities in Dublin, introduces the advantages of digital currency to more people to.  

This activity is called “BitcoinFRENZY”, this one-day event will include the introduction of digital currency, top people and local bitcoin field to meet and talk, and show the first Irish bitcoin and bitcoin ATM machine POS.  

The Irish bitcoin foundation and a founding member of the organizers of the event, Alan Donohoe told the CoinDesk that the purpose of it is to give the general public to actively participate in bitcoin, he said: “our main purpose is to improve the general public bitcoin cognition. Most people think that bitcoin is a bit too technical, our purpose is to provide a simple and direct method.”   

Bitcoin gifts

Before the day of the 500 visitors will receive a BitcoinFRENZY package, including value from 0.25 to 50 euros between different bitcoin free coupons, which means that many people will join the ranks of the use of encryption currency.   

Donohoe said, people will receive assistance in adding new bitcoin wallet for them, and know how to use it.  

In order to improve the visibility of the activities, the organizers also plan for the 20 celebrities in Dublin (from actors to politicians) provide bitcoin. These celebrities including Irish President Michael Higgins, central bank governor Patrick Honohan and Bank of Ireland CEO Richie Boucher, but the complete list has not been released.   

The event also includes a bitcoin mining equipment for the raffle prizes. Donohoe says other prizes may include bitcoin refrigeration equipment.  

Two activities

This suggests that the Irish crypto currency industry is absolutely thriving, but BitcoinFRENZY is not held in Dublin this summer only bitcoin activities.  

Bitcoin financial 2014 conference and Expo will be held in from July 3rd to 4th, the meeting will gather financial, technology and encryption currency of international experts in the field and progressive thinker.

BitcoinFRENZY activities will be held on June 14th at 12 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Beijing time) in Dublin 6-7 street at GSMsolutions monastery. Entry is free, but people can choose to buy a ticket for 10 euros, bitcoin certificates so that they will receive a same value.

Buy, sell, accept

The event will feature launched Ireland’s first bitcoin POS terminal by the new company ViviPOS.  

This terminal by Wi-Fi and GSM, it can scan two-dimensional code and user wallet printing paper wallet, vouchers and invoices. They also work together with Coinkite bitcoin debit card.   

As to accept pay point of sale terminals, they can also be used for the purchase and sale of bitcoin, effectively promote the mobile transaction.  

The new Irish bitcoin platform

The event sponsored by the bitcoin service startups Bitex next month will launch “bring can imagine every service and every bitcoin product” for Ireland, Donohoe added: “this will be the first bitcoin trading in Ireland, which is similar to Bitstamp. Bitex is developing many software and hardware products, and will be released every product has been completed.”  

In fact, the company plans to many bitcoin related businesses in the same company.   

“To a certain extent, we will Circle as a rival,” Donohoe explained, “we have established our service and customers from the first day. The bitcoin community is truly free we really care about and representatives.”

Bitex said it had received six digit investment in the first quarter of 2014, these investments are currently used in the development of service. The company is expected in the next few months to get further investment opportunities.

Although Bitex is a wholly owned company of Ireland, on behalf of the company last week for the UK financial conduct authority supervision that met with moneygram. The UK financial conduct authority regulatory threshold than with the Central Bank of Ireland, Donohoe said, but this is the company’s next step is to do.

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