The blackmail virus counterfeiters make up the bitcoin scams and threaten the users to pay the bitcoin ransom

In November, a number of celebrity twitter account hacking publicity bitcoin bitcoin scam, payment to the designated account user requirements. Because bitcoin has decentralized, anonymous, often become hackers blackmail users when used payment currency, bitcoin payment event also broke out after the recent domestic hackers extortion.

Recently, it is understood that the 360 Internet Security Center to capture a Petya for virus copycats, by modifying the user’s computer MBR (master boot record) to destroy the system, the means of attack and early Petya for viruses are similar, but they are quite different. The attack methods include control domain control server, phishing emails, Eternal Blue attack and brute force attack, which, in a short period of time due to a large number of hosts in the host network paralysis, are required to pay a ransom in bitcoin 0.1.

360 Enterprise Security Research Institute president Pei Zhiyong said: compared with the traditional sale hackers to steal personal information, extortion of more substantial economic benefits. According to market pricing, a personal information about 5 cents, while the network demanded in 1 to 100 thousand yuan. With the appearance of virtual currency, in order to facilitate money laundering, avoid tracking, almost all hackers are asking for bitcoin.

In addition, other bitcoin scam leader will also dig the Trojan disguised as a security software to attract users registered after the hijacking of mining in the background

As the bitcoin bitcoin circle recognized digital currency king, the rise and fall of ups and downs, directly affect the market performance of other digital currency. At present, the international community fraud cases associated with bitcoin is still in frequent. Some unsuspecting investors are still involved in hacking popular V social networking account, to a small investment in high return the temptation to deceive the fans will bitcoin was transferred into the designated account, in addition, the hacker through Facebook, mail, tax and other channels to spread bitcoin scam, this type of fraud cases in the hacker server settings in a foreign country, collect evidence difficult to significantly enhance the national police are often difficult to combat crime dens, to help users get lost.

The author suggests that investors in the currency circle bear market environment, to achieve a small broad, almost no possibility of riches, don’t be deceived by some criminals promised high returns, they are meant to be your real money such as bitcoin, etheric Fang cheated, for you are all false and counterfeit money not worth a hair the air. Those who could claim in the words of income doubled over ten times, the project is a scam, suggest that the first time away from, and report to the public security organs, or exposure to 110 bits of evidence.

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