The block chain can finally make a new road after the bitcoin

As everyone knows, crypto currency has been controversial in the global market, with the rising popularity, people increase the look in the eyes. Recently, a bitcoin crash in November 25th, it used to be startled at, fell to $3601.52, or up to fifteen percent, this is the history of the most serious one down.

The end of 2017, bitcoin has reached nearly $twenty thousand, but now, it is the two extremes. In bitcoin, other encryption currency plummeted, some currency decline even more than twenty-five percent.

These encryption currency caused changes in the global market capitalization fell in January this year, compared with $about 800000000000 in market capitalization, reduce nearly $about 650000000000.

Look at the banner bitcoin suddenly collapsed, the industry can not help thinking about why it fell. First of all, an important cause of the crash is bitcoin, the collapse of confidence consensus.

Since bitcoin technical vulnerabilities will always be exposed, several radio communications, information encryption, consensus mechanism, transaction verification mechanism of the key agreement is subverted, so let the market gradually lost its original confidence. In addition, bitcoin hard bifurcation is also a fuse, the internal hard bifurcation bitcoin interference, let bitcoin advantage slowly flooded, so the disadvantages gradually exposed.

At the same time, this year there has been a series of things to bitcoin heavy blow, for example the first token issued bubble was burst, caused by the war is hard bifurcation and OKEx exchange was found loopholes, these things are so bitcoin suffered greater impact.

Bitcoin is a virtual goods with the development of science and technology and produce, and the difference between the real big money. Since all kinds of money prevailed, some people will use some ways to absorb funds, make the drawbacks of the public things, therefore, the central bank has issued regulations management related work, and called for the public to properly handle the blockchain.

The bitcoin crash is mixed for the blockchain entrepreneurs, worry needless to say, it is people across the bubble clouds, really into the study area in the chain. The relationship between bitcoin and blockchain is always let people brains are unpredictable, we cannot prove that a bitcoin is generated or produced a chain block, bitcoin blockchain.

From the point of view, is the bitcoin block chain; but from the point of view of development, is the blockchain produced bitcoin and a variety of block chain applications. Bitcoin this earthquake, broke the embarrassing situation, then bitcoin and no block chain entanglement, block chain can no longer be bitcoin shrouded, and can develop independently.

Separate and bitcoin blockchain, is also good for the blockchain industry workers, they can not because the currency price panic, but can feel at ease to do their work, return to the technical level, make efforts for the healthy operation of the blockchain.

A large market insiders carefully crafted, hard work, when bitcoin or because of problems by the public opinion, the chain can block at the bottom and continuously improve the technology, to achieve beyond. You can even change the traditional mode of operation, leading people to explore new road.

Bitcoin is now in the teeth of the storm, it is a good time to block the development of chain. Perhaps, the block chain is the new development of the road to lead you.

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