The blockbuster Hollywood blockbuster, the Hollywood chain (HLW Chain) to change the film industry blockchain

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What’s going to happen to the movie industry by moving the blockbuster Hollywood blockbuster? As we all know, the movie industry attracted much attention not only because of star-studded celebrities, but also because of its movie box office hundreds of millions of huge profits at every turn. In 2015, the world’s box office hit a record high of 38 billion U.S. dollars for the first time, and this figure is still increasing year by year.n
However, on the seemingly profiteering face, the film industry is equally problematic: on the one hand, despite its seemingly impressive box office volume, the year-on-year growth is slow and the continued underinvestment in cinema infrastructure has a serious impact on the world box office revenue growth , Regional differences are also obvious; the other hand, the film industry is actually a small part of the main focus and control agencies, brokers and agencies have mastered most of the discourse, this mechanism will only bring a small part of people profit.n
Hollywood chain how to achieve the film industry change?n
In the final analysis, the reason for the above pain points in the movie industry is nothing more than a centralized system. The blockchain has its own characteristics of decentralization, peer-to-peer and openness, which exactly match the pain points of the movie industry. Is it possible to provide a blockchain solution to better stimulate the potential of the movie market? The recent birth of the “HLW Chain” is committed to using the blockchain to solve the movie industry.n
In short, the “HLW Chain” is the world’s first platform for combining film and blockchain with the help of blockchain smart technology, through the establishment of new communities and modes of communication to raise financing levels and enhance distribution Reduce the risk of distribution. Through the blockchain, dramas and bookings will be completely changed. The blockchain will be used to disperse the discovery and booking process and give every director, producer, actor and fan an open and transparent chance of equality.n
According to reports, on the platform of “HLW Chain”, not only functions such as industry account management of traditional film and television industry and interaction of fans can be realized, but also the community can be built for the shooting and production of the future virtual reality film and television. “Hollywood Chain (HLW Chain)” How to Realize the Movie Industry Revolution? We systematically analyze from the following points:n
The problem that a film director has been facing with a headache is securing funding from issuers. On the Hollywood chain, filmmakers do not need to find traditional ways of financing such as film funds, private owners, private companies, etc. through a small area of ​​relationship, Blockchain, which distributes the rights to invest in movies to all community users. To help users achieve their own personal support for their favorite movie star or director of the dream, but also solve the problem of funding issuers, at the same time in advance for the movie locked part of the audience, to ensure that part of the box office. Through the blockchain, the separation of the right to use and the right to control the movie and television has been truly realized. The ownership of film and television, that is, the ownership of film and television productions, the right of use and property rights of film and television to the majority of early participants, “everyone can participate, income”.n
In terms of movie brand marketing, the “HLW Chain” has subverted the original IP construction method. The construction of the blockchain has its own community. Users are attracted to the masses of fans because of their interests and the real content, so that IP ” Live up “, triggering the network” tap water “effect.n
What is more worth mentioning is that “the Hollywood Chain (HLW Chain)” fundamentally solved the trust problem of using funds in the film industry. Based on non-tampered, traceable, and open data on the blockchain, along with smart contracts for the film industry, each copy of the funds and benefits can be written in the Hollywood chain, the investment proceeds can be standardized and triggered automatically Implementation, without human intervention.n
In the meantime, based on credible data on the blockchain, “HLW Chain” can also act as a targeted advertising platform for advertisers to establish better sales channels for precise launch so as to achieve popularity of movie finance .n
Original Technology Solutions: The Consensus Mechanism of Mother-child Chain and PDPOSn
In terms of technology, in order to ensure the system performance, the “Hollywood Chain (HLW Chain)” adopted the design of the master-slave chain. The mother-daughter chains are deployed on the Ethereum network. The HLWchain parent chain is responsible for handling HLWchain-related token revenue. The HLWchain sub-chain is responsible for handling the account management, payment, project progress and revenue of users in the investment of drama.n
Consensus mechanism, the “Hollywood Chain (HLW Chain)” uses the original PDPOS (Participation? Degree? Proof? Of stake), that is based on the user behavior portrait to obtain a composite score, with a comprehensive evaluation to make a reward. For example, if a user has registered an account with the Hollywood chain and browses the system for a certain period of time, likes, favorites, forwarding, commenting, voting, participating in activities, and the like for a certain period of time, Blcok, HLWchain, Data. Such consensus mechanisms are strongly associated with community attributes and also match interactive scenes such as movies to further promote user activity and participation and enhance user stickiness.n
A number of cooperation to promote the application floorn
Unlike many of the current concept blockchain projects, the “HLW Chain” is at the forefront of promoting floor-standing applications. According to reports, the “Hollywood Chain (HLW Chain)” has reached an in-depth cooperation with the film “Adventurer’s Paradise”, an action adapted from the silent novel “Shanghai Daban” (aka “Ha Tong”), Gangster movie, by Timothy J. Sexton, Luo Yan screenwriter, according to reports, at present, the film script has been completed, is entering the preparatory filming stage, is expected to be released in 2019.n
Following an in-depth cooperation with the film “Adventurer’s Paradise”, “HLW Chain” has reached a strategic alliance with the “Chinese Merchants Hui” group of Hong Kong Satellite TV, both of which will launch in the global media resources and film and television resources. All-round cooperation.n
From the outside, it seems that this cooperation on the one hand also means that the “HLW Chain” has drawn widespread attention from the traditional media; on the other hand, it also shows that the “Hollywood Chain” has started to integrate the first-line traditional media resources and build an all-media publicity Platform, which will integrate innovation together, combined with blockchain technology, contributed to the creative transformation of the film and television industry.n
Louis Lerrie, chief promoter of the HLW Chain project in Hollywood, fought for more than a decade in Hollywood. “Hollywood is the culmination of the current film industry and blockchain technology will revolutionize the world culture The pattern of exchange has made it possible to exchange and transmit world culture. With the help of blockchain technology and establishing new communities and modes of communication for the world film and television industry, the business model will also have new bright spots. This is a place where anyone can Participate in the global film industry chain intelligent cooperation application platform. “n
Perhaps someday in the future, the international blockbuster you see in theaters is a series of distributions, productions, ticket sales and even the surrounding transactions that are made through the HLW Chain. With the gradual arrival of various cooperation, the advent of this day is not far off.n
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