The blockchain winter process to bitcoin will return to zero?

2018-11-28 19:30 | Zhejiang news client | reporter Li Zhizheng

10 months ago, bitcoin market is a bull market, people are full of curiosity and confidence on the block chain, a large number of entrepreneurs into a block belongs to the chain business like a raging fire……

Who can imagine, after 10 months of winter, a sudden change in the situation, through to the barren. Entrepreneurs can tighten their belts, but still do not know whether we can survive long winter.

For a time, some people eat melons don’t even know what this circle what happened……

Bitcoin will return to zero?

First of all, Yong Jinjun take you first look at the “crash”.

From November 15th to November 25th. 10 days, bitcoin prices from $6500 fell to $3442, close to the cut. Netizens said K-line looked at the stair like downstairs, a day, but in the Yongjin Jun view, which are not on the stage, because you don’t have Yongjin slope so big step.

There are many reasons to plunge, BCH bifurcation event is the crash.

The thing is, the protagonist of this event two: BitcoinABC and BitcoinSV. The two sides had cooperative relationship, the two do not agree with BTC (bitcoin) development of the concept of the main development team from last year, bitcoin BTC branch bit cash BCH, that it is really in line with the original bitcoin Nakamoto white paper thought.

This year, the two sides because of the development of the concept of BCH, BitcoinABC BCH would like to upgrade it to public infrastructure chain development, expand the application scenarios; BitcoinSV BCH hope the Cong idea strictly, attention transfer transaction itself.

In essence, or the interests of both sides dispute.

Finally, the two sides in the recent outbreak of war is, to attract a lot of attention, the final BCH is BCH and BSV bifurcation. Then it is the “bad” message: “Australia” to sell a lot of the Cong bitcoin, because of stress, bit for bankruptcy and so on, eventually led to the currency price flash crash.

The people can be okay?

Then a morning after the wash, the ecology in the industry now?

Project: many RMB projects fell 90%, or almost zero. Have some coffee station station project has now gone, as was a smash hit three o’clock community sponsors jade red released XMX.

Capital: the capital project evaporation, natural.

“The capital of fifth node earnings, Fukui 65%, too horrible to look at.” Yesterday, node capital founder Du were in the circle of friends issued exclaimed, the investment chiefs lamented let us once again feel the cold winter.

Block chain from the media: 2017 years, bitcoin ushered in a boom year high of $twenty thousand has created a myth of wealth and freedom. To the Spring Festival in 2018, the WeChat group as the representative of the 3 o’clock gangster rallying cry, like overnight to China pulled into the block chain first year”.

The new story needs new media, so the boom pushes the hot money into the communication channel, a time block chain media such as a monthly salary of thirty thousand for reporters, bamboo shoots after a spring rain, a soft offer one hundred thousand news It is often seen.

Until the second half of this year, WeChat with “blockchain” on more than 400 thousand media.

However, after the cold winter?

See 80% titles, titles, the team disbanded disbanded.

“The home in which do not know, may find later work is not too easy, hey ~” had left a head block chain reporters work he sighed. The media where he worked in less than a month on-line case completed a A round of financing, valuation of 150 million yuan.

Its price: currency collapse, mine circle shutdown ensued.

“This wave let mine circle circle coins are miserable, the whole industry will soon sink to the dead.” The old miners feel old.

Claiming to be “Nakamoto II” Liao Xiang even in the circle of friends posted a bitcoin mining machine coin price authority figure, quipped “money city ruthless, the world is love, cash machine shutdown, 10 yuan a pound”.

According to insiders, the past couple of weeks, 60~80 million bitcoin mining machine brake pull off, 67 as miners in the “winter” had to leave. The king had a Yongjin carries the dream of getting rich friends to invest in Xinjiang mine has not survived.

Exchange: Fcoin mining mode open has been cool, many mobile phone exchange in Yongjin Jun APP have been unable to open.

Whether the industry has come to an end

After the carnival, a feather. Many people will ask the blockchain thus come to an end?

In fact, review the history, any new technology in the subversion of economic system, will be accompanied by speculation and fanaticism, so it is a digital currency. As a Venezuelan economist Carloto Perez said, “bubble and speculation is a necessary element of social financing and construction of infrastructure in the economy of the roots.”

Today, sometimes someone will ask you: what is Yongjin block chain? What is the application?

So, for such a new technology and industry, we need to adopt a rational attitude to treat, give some patience, less impetuous.

Bubble squeeze, industry can develop healthily. Capital projects to calm down, settle down, block chain of this industry can really see the future. Crazy before making a lot of money and talents in this field to industry further development laid a foundation, and a “bear market” will lead to a number of enterprises die, at the same time, outstanding enterprises will become the cornerstone of the new era of talent shows itself, the blockchain.

For example, the Hangzhou Internet recent court judicial precedent, the adoption of electronic evidence preservation network technology based on block chain; Babbitt sets up a set of ecological system information content, offline activities, training, incubators, investment and technology application in one block chain, chain blocks promote knowledge and innovation communication; new Austria and Shanghai gas to liquefied natural gas only released the chain block chain solutions, the natural gas classification standards, weighing and transportation quality assurance process related affairs; Ali using block chain technology of double 11 goods traceability……

As Chinese universal Holdings Limited vice chairman and executive director, universal blockchain lab founder Xiaofeng said that large-scale commercial application block chain floor need several premises. The first is technology mature enough to block 3 chain chain block technology, can improve the performance and improve the usability, operability, scalability, involving a new side chain, chain, chain, cross stratification, slice, partitioning technology…… The line of these new technologies, is a prerequisite for large-scale commercial application of chain block.

The second is the true digital currency can be used for payment, the measure of value, medium of exchange, store of value. But now it seems that the currency volatility is too large bitcoin and not be qualified for this role.

Finally, is the construction of laws and regulations, the construction supervision system. The digital economy block on the chain must obtain legal protection, must be compliance.

Therefore, the industry is not the end of disaster, the blockchain this big drama the next season, let us wait and see.

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